This Is Not What I Voted You In For, Mr. Obama

February 20, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

you better change fast.


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  1. Is Obama finally starting to pop the bubble for you Dan? Get used to it. There is a lot of hot air yet to escape.

  2. I never had a bubble with him, radical mormon. He’s always been on a tight leash with me because I know power corrupts.

  3. Absolutely. D&C 121 teaches us something about that eh.

  4. So what did you vote him in for? Not for any of this:

    ■Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (Jan. 2009) – prohibits wage discrimination based on sex, race, or national origin among employees

    ■Stimulus Bill (Feb. 2009) – $787 billion plan was the single largest tax cut ever ($400 per person), investment in clean energy & education reform, help slow home foreclosures

    ■Toxic Asset Relief Program [TARP] (Apr. 2009) – strengthened oversight of the $700 billion financial industry

    ■Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (Apr. 2009) – triples the size of the country’s national service programs, which are know as AmeriCorps

    ■Credit Card Reform Act (May 2009)– spares consumers from sudden interest rate hikes and an opt-in requirement for overdraft charges

    ■Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act (Jun. 2009) – allows the FDA to reduce nicotine in tobacco products, block labels and companies have to put large graphic warnings on cartons of cigarettes

    ■Cash for Clunkers (Jun. 2009)– gave incentives for people to buy new, more fuel-efficient vehicles to replace older vehicles

    ■Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Oct. 2009)– makes it a federal crime to commit an assault based on sexual orientation or gender identity

    ■Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Mar. 2010) – gave 95% of Americans access to health insurance; control health care costs; no limits, no pre-existing conditions

    o Health insurance for children (Mar. 2010) – extends government-sponsored health insurance for about 4 million uninsured children

    ■Student Loans Reform (Mar. 2010)– guaranteed student loans are now only offered by the Department of Education; for the past 45 years, taxpayers assumed all of the risk AND the banks charged them to administer the loans

    ■Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Law (Jul. 2010) – create new regulations for companies that extend credit to consumers, make auditors of broker-dealers subject to regulation and change registration requirements for investment advisers

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