It’s Not Looking Good For Israel

March 23, 2009 at 11:58 am | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

A fairly damning report from The Guardian.

Israel needs to ask itself, why exactly did they launch the three week destruction of Gaza? Americans need to ask themselves the same question, because Israel uses OUR money and OUR weapons to wage such war. What was the purpose of those three weeks of death? Hamas is still around. Their captured soldier (from 2006) is still captured. Rockets are still launched into Israel from Gaza. Why exactly did Israel need to go in and kill 1400 people in Gaza? Because it sure as hell seems to me that they gained very little and lost very much by waging that war.

I don’t think Israel has been at a lower point in their short time as a separate country than they are right now. And we’ve really not been very good friends to them.

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  1. We could be better friends to Israel by getting honest politicians and diplomats into place in the Obama administration who would stop Israel from doing foolish things like attacking Iran etc.

    That Obama is clearly no friend of Israel is clear by his silence over the Freeman affair while AIPAC hacks were spouting all sorts of falsehoods about him and a guy who is on trial for spying for Israel in the US was the loudest AIPAC hack of all… the Obama administration did nothing to stem the flow of lies from the Israeli lobby. Obama should have stood by his administration’s pick and then we would have had honest National Intelligence Estimates on Iran that Israel could not use to launch a military attack with. Instead, we allow Israel to continue their Zionist policies, like a bad friend allowing a friend to drive drunk.

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