Glenn Beck is an Insane Loony

March 25, 2009 at 1:42 pm | Posted in American politics | 19 Comments

And sadly, this is just the beginning. Mr. Beck is just warming up. He’s only just begun. Rush Limbaugh is getting old and decrepit. Mr. Beck yearns to be the new voice of the hardcore nasty right. Mr. Beck knows one thing that Rush Limbaugh never understood. Limbaugh never attempted to mobilize people to action. Beck does. This kind of call to action usually says that the person calling others to action isn’t really insane, but that’s not the case with Glenn Beck. See, he actually believes this crap. Even though the pieces don’t actually fit together. He’ll rile up the fearmongering and scare America into submission. The Red Scare has nothing on what Glenn Beck has started to unleash. You guys just watch. It will only get worse.

Pray his bishop intervenes at some point to stanch the bleeding.


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  1. Goodness — I guess your are one THAT BELIEVES THE GOVERMENT CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN — we the people!!..

  2. Just listen to him without your liberal views and you will see what he stands for!!!!!

  3. heh,

    just listen to Michael Moore without your conservative views and you will see what he stands for!!!!

  4. just listen to Adolf Hitler without a sense of reality and you will see what he stands for!!!!

  5. He is the male embodiment of the Revend Lovjoys wife from the “Simpson’s” screaming about topics that are and will never be a treat or concern to anyone. I love when people use “they”. They = I have no specifics or proof so I have to be as vague as possible.

    You don’t have to have a liberal bias to see that he is unstable. Really what is his argument or position? Run around scared and light your damn hair on fire because it it all over? He sounds like the leader of a cult for God sake!

    If you want something to worry about look into the emergence of China as a super power and “Command Economy” which allows them to advance far more quickly than we can. That’s actually scary, not a universal currency that is and will never be a reality.

    When will conservatives lose people like this so others can perceive them as individuals with a brain!

  6. The only thing more hilarious than Beck’s ridiculous and most likely insane rantings are the people who actually believe him.

    Sheep, I believe, would be the term.

  7. Glenn beck is an epitome of snake oil salesman who is milking the impressionable minds who are always hungry for “drama” and believe their own bumper stickers. He is not here to inform you or sympathize with your plight, or lack thereof; he is a smarmy entertainer who is sucking the gullible segment of society for personal self-aggrandizement.

    You are not going to get this country moving forward by playing doom and gloom to stir the populous while he checking his ratings under his shiny desk and laughing his unctuous ass off $25 mil/year to the bank. These people are not here to inform you, they are here to distort and get a rise out of your unchecked emotions while taking you on a ride to the place where, 5 years from now, you’ll look back and regret for being so naive to even lend a minute of your life to these people. At the end of the day, you are the loser, not him. You don’t need TV or media to feel secure about yourself — you only need yourself. So turn off your TV and radio and keep them off.

  8. I like your comparison of two of the biggest loser socialists of all time – Adolf Hitler & Michael Moore. Hitler was, however, was much more intelligent.

  9. Pat,

    Um, I know you are a stupid conservative, but please, know your stuff. Neither Adolf Hitler nor Michael Moore are socialists. Adolf Hitler was a fascist hardcore right winger. The same line of ideological thinking someone like Glenn Beck likes to follow.

  10. Liberals do not have have morals, they are anti-white MARXISTS

  11. I just want to be left alone! I don’t want the government telling me what to believe or think. I will make my own decisions. I am not sorry for listening to Glenn Beck he says what I am not able to say so perfectly. We don’t have democrats and republicans anymore. They are all the same. I just want less government. give me the ability to succeed or fail at my own hands. If I don’t make it fine. I will pull myself up by my bootstraps and go again. I just keep churning away everyday. i have been knocked so many times I can’t count. I don’t want government help because that will make me WEAK. If you ask for a handout you are weak minded and don’t have the fortitude to make it on your own. The government IS the problem. NOT the solution. I just thought of something isn’t the rich where we get jobs? They pay our salary? And pay our taxes? Just seems funny to me, that’s all.

  12. cpacek,

    In what way does the government actually interfere in your personal life? Because, just speaking for myself, my only real contact with the government is once a year, at tax time. Other than that, the government has not actually interfered in my own life. Where has it interfered in your own? Do you think it interferes in Glenn Beck’s life? If it doesn’t actually interfere in his life, why does he have this beef with the government? It’s all fake dude. You’re listening to an insane man who has been given a platform by liars and propagandists at Fox News.

  13. To answer your question they interfere in my life EVERYDAY! They tell me when I can see my SON and tell me how much of my paycheck I lose every month! When the person I loved left me I lost my home, MY SON, and my money. So the government interferes with my life EVERYDAY!!! Thanks for the tax hike Obama. So I can take care of illegals immigrants so they can have health care. Thanks for the promised that 95% of Americans will get a tax break!

  14. cpacek,

    My apologies for the sensitivity of your situation, but your situation is not normal (well, I guess it is, as prevalent as it is). You and your spouse went to the government to assist you in your breakup, because it would not have worked out well for either of you, and especially your child, to break up on your own. These are the laws this American citizenship has set up to deal with situations as yours, and few at all complain about it. This kind of governmental intrusion is a necessity.

    Tax hike? You mean, you make more than $250,000 a year?

  15. I should add, you went to the government in the first place to make the contract when you got married. You didn’t have to, but you did. Therefore, to assist in terminating that contract, the government is where you have to go. You didn’t have to go to the government to live with your significant other the rest of your life. You could have done it without them. It was your choice. Don’t blame the government.

  16. Wrong again, I made the choice to be with someone. I did love her at onetime and she kicked me out. I didn’t go to the government SHE did. I do the best I can I am not perfect but I do the best I can. When it comes to my wife getting treatment for breast cancer and and paying my bills on time my wife wins EVERY time. Until you know what it is like not to kiss you kids every night then don’t say that the government does not interfere. I don’t blame the government for our break up. I do blame them for when I can see my son and how much of my paycheck is missing.

    No! I smoke and the congress and the President made damn sure I get to pay for “children” up to 30 and illegals. But thanks for playing. I smoke because I choose to. I am just sick of the taxes and I will quit because I don’t want to pay for LOSERS!!!

  17. oh cpacek,

    you don’t understand. You made the choice to be with someone, and then the two of you made the choice to go to the government to get your civil marriage. You didn’t have to involve the government for the two of you to be together, but you did. As such, since you involved the government in your union, you also get the government involved in your separation. It doesn’t matter if it is you or your spouse who went to the government to separate. That’s the price you pay when you get a civil marriage.

    Ah, you’ve got a vice, which is based on your own choice. You chose to smoke. The government didn’t force you to smoke. They are perfectly within their rights to raise taxes on cigarettes. No one forces anyone to smoke. If you don’t like those taxes, don’t buy cigarettes.

    To this point, while you paint a sad portrait, you fail to mention how the government actually FORCES anything in your life. Every thing you mention is based on YOUR CHOICE. I’m sorry that you have to go through the things you do, but they are based on your choice.

  18. Heh heh, I don’t see how even the most right-wing can take this guy’s ramblings seriously. I mean, conservatives, I don’t agree with you but I credit you with more brains than this, right? Right?

  19. I mean, even if you ignore the politics the guy is a raving loony or doing a very good impression of one. That fake crying thing he does? Jeeeezus.

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