Israel Bought Their Propaganda

April 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

and thought Hamas was stronger than what they were. Maybe turning Gaza into a huge prison actually worked to stem Hamas’ ability to actually harm Israel. Of course, we could believe the so-called “pro-Israel” propaganda, that a Sunni fundamentalist group like Hamas is strongly in cahoots with a Shi’ite fundamentalist group like the one running Iran, particularly when that Shi’ite fundamentalist group is working to kill Sunni fundamentalist groups in Iraq who are brothers to the Sunni fundamentalists in Palestine. We are to believe that Iran supposedly gave Hamas some hi-tech weaponry to do harm to Israel like they have done with the Shi’ite fundamentalist group Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It still all comes back to the question of the recent war. Why exactly did 1400 Palestinians have to die?

Israel is a very corrupt land right now. The current foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman is under suspicion for bribes and corruption. The president recently had a scandal. Olmert had a nasty scandal, and Netnyahoo is a mess! They’ve lost their way, and it will take a few generations for Israel to get back on track…

…or America can apply the right kind of pressure to get them to ease their way back on the right track. It’s highly doubtful though. I think that even with Obama, America will turn a blind eye and let Israel attack Iran later this year. Israel is itching to do so. If McCain won in November, Iran would be bombed by now. That would have been the green light to Israel that they could do whatever they wanted in the region, and as corrupt as they are right now, that would have spelled death to a hell of a lot of people, including many many Israelis.

One last thing. Many Christian Americans support Israel because of Biblical prophecy. But as far as I can remember in my study of the Bible and other scripture, there is no guarantee anywhere that once Israel gets her home back, she gets to keep it regardless of how awful their conduct and behavior happens to be.

If America wants to be a true friend to Israel, America needs to pull back on the cocaine we keep giving Israel. We ought not to be blackmailed by Israel in our Middle Eastern policy. Israel is not as good of a friend to us as we have been to them. Israel’s actions have caused us far more negative results than positive ones. It really is not in our best interest to keep the relationship going as it currently is. It isn’t in Israel’s best interest either. They are already a pariah in the world. Why worsen the situation? Because it is prophesied? But if we assist Israel in turning the world against Israel, we’re working to fulfill the prophecy, and we would be the sinners.

The world does not need to be against Israel. The world does not need to be against America. But we continue to create scenarios that make those things happen. Things are looking better under Obama, but I fear, his administration is but a lull in the storm. I fear America wishes the world against it. Too many Americans prefer to live in a world where they try to kill off their enemies, rather than live in a world where our enemies live as well. Anyways, I’m just rambling off some thoughts. There won’t be an end to the conflict in the Middle East, because too many Americans refuse to accept peace in the Middle East, and that’s really sad.



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  1. “Of course, we could believe the so-called “pro-Israel” propaganda, that a Sunni fundamentalist group like Hamas is strongly in cahoots with a Shi’ite fundamentalist group like the one running Iran, particularly when that Shi’ite fundamentalist group is working to kill Sunni fundamentalist groups in Iraq who are brothers to the Sunni fundamentalists in Palestine.”

    Honestly, I find none of this surprising, and I get most of my news from Al-Jazeera. This is not some ‘pro-Israel’ propaganda. This is how the Middle East has worked for more than a thousand years.

    If you have problems believing that, then I think you have not begun to comprehend the dynamics of history of the Middle East.

    Let me spell it out for you: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

  2. “Israel is a very corrupt land right now.”

    I too find the recent trend in Israeli politics very worrying.
    However I think you need to get a broader context and perspective. The entire political scene in the Middle East is utter trash. In that context, Israel does not come out too badly.

    1. They still have a strong independent media and independent court. There has been arguments about the silence of the Israeli media during the war in Gaza, and I think there is substance to those arguments. However I still manage to get a lot of critical stuff about the actions of Israel from Haaretz throughout that period.
    2. Their political leaders are held accountable to an independent judiciary and media! The fact that their former president, Moshe Katsav, was arrested on charges of rape is amazing in a land where separation of powers is not the norm.

    In no way do I want to suggest that things in Israel are rosy. I think there are tremendous challenges to the continual development of civil society in Israel, and Lieberman is very much a symptom of those challenges. However to demonise a country implies there are saints, and let me assure you there are no saints in the Middle East. Not Hamas, which had the audacity to declare a Pyrrhic victory. Not Abbas, whose henchmen were just as ready to crush his Hamas opponents if opportunities ever arise, not Hezbollah.

  3. Aston,

    Thank you for your comments. I don’t mean to imply that all of Israel is corrupt, or that the Israeli corruption means that Hamas, or Palestine, or Iran, or any other country there are any better. I’m trying to tear down the myth in America that Israel is good. They are not. They act very childish right now. They do it for nefarious reasons. They no longer have the capability to see peace with their neighbors (and that is truly bad). We here in America ought to reconsider this relationship, because it comes at a very great cost to us, with little positive return for us. That’s not a healthy relationship for our country.

  4. “They still have a strong independent media and independent court.”

    BS on both counts. Every media article must be approved by the state censor. The mainstream media is of almost one single unanimous voice and even the supposedly “liberal” Ha’aretz in 80% of its articles buys all the basic assumptions of racism against Arabs. The “courts” are worse than a joke, they are a deliberate part of the sham-racist system of justice that is Israel. They provide a facade of justice, but the laws themselves are designed (and upheld) to say that only people of one ethnicity (Jews) have full rights and everyone else is secondary. The Israeli terrorist militia (which they call the “IDF”) routinely ignores even the decisions of the so-called “Supreme” Court. And this is without even getting into the kangaroo courts in the West Bank where justice is not even pretended to be meted out, merely sentences. If one is even lucky enough to get a day in those kangaroo courts that is – Israel routinely employs the use of “administrative detention” (arresting and holding someone with no charge or court appearance for sometimes years on end).

    More than happy to talk about the corruption of the Quisling-traitor PA and Fatah, the evil torture regimes of Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi (the latter 3 along with many others directly supported and aided by the US and Israel and the horrors of whose supposedly “moderate” systems get purposely white-washed in the US) and many others. But not for one second will I buy the BS crap argument that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Yes, I know you didn’t state it that way, but that’s the vein of thought your comment falls in, the basic argument that for all its faults Israel is somehow better, and on that argument I say B-B-B-B-B-S. Israeli leaders are never held accountable so long as they are murdering “only” Arabs. Ben Gurion was an ethnic cleanser and cold blooded murderer, was he ever held accountable? Sharon was likewise, was he ever held accountable (the only time he supposedly was, he found himself back as prime minister a few years later)? Shamir was an avowed and admitted terrorist who gave the personal go-ahead for the murder of the top UN official in the country and still ended up Prime Minister, was he ever held accountable? Sorry, but Israel is no more a “democracy” than Apartheid South Africa or Colonial British rulers in India or any other of a long line of racist regimes were. The evils of the neighboring regimes in the Middle East are the evils of evil corrupt systems in their own right, but Israel is not one iota behind them. Do you think its a coincidence that the other most racist, misogynist, corrupt ruling regime in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) is so in love with Israel these days? Or do you think it a coincidence that Apartheid South Africa and Israel were best bosom buddies for decades (even helping to develop each other’s nuclear bombs)?

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