Even Bill O’Reilly Thinks Glenn Beck is Insane

April 5, 2009 at 7:34 am | Posted in American politics | 11 Comments

When Bill O’Reilly is a voice of reason on Fox News, that tells you just how insane and off the rocker Glenn Beck really is.

I feel sorry for these Skousen type wierdos. Their war is over and they just can’t let go. It’s like porn for them. They’re so addicted. They’ve got no real boogeyman to fight against today so they hearken back to the only enemy they know: Communism! or…maybe it was Fascism! It is so sad that so many Americans actually listen to this kind of person, and actually believe his propaganda.



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  1. I think Glenn beck is wacking with pea nut butter because he is F@#k@#g Nutz!!!

  2. Glenn Beck is truly insane. If he is not on drugs, he should go back on them.

  3. Yes, Glenn Beck might just be insane…or is he? Just a thought, but you know, it’s possible that he doesn’t really take himself too serious. (Read Parade Magazine last month). Other people do. Therein lies the problem. His wacko follower/worshipers are the dangerous ones. You know, the ones who make threats, cut propane lines, stalk politicians, and carry rediculous signs everywhere. Glenn Beck just laughs at them, I think. He laughs all the way to the bank. “Shame on you G.B., you are a P.O. S. for brainwashing the naive.”

    • Glenn Beck (like his role model, Rush) is really just a sad little clown who had the dumb luck and the foresight (and I am giving them both some (too much?/undue) credit here) to see an angry Neo-conservative/almost Fascist sub-wave coming in this nation (a backlash against “political correctness” and the fact that women, minorities and other (smarter)people (other than themselves) are getting past over-due rights and surpassing their “betters’ (read: uneducated white)in the world of business and society at large. Both these guys were able to get in front of the trend and CASH in as a result. Of course they throw around “hot button” wordslike “Socialist, and NAZI out there — knowing that there audience will react to them –while not really know what they mean. Both Beck and Rush were clearly unpopular, little fat boys who did not get to “play “reindeer games” with the other kids back in school — and most likely were teased by the bigger, smarter and/or better looking kids. And were turned down for dated by the pretty little girls back in school. Also it is interesting to note that both these “characters” have had major drug problems in their pasts — Addictive personalities –They are really just bad, third-rate comics–that have somehow been take seriously by a subgroup of “angry” people who see themselves in them and have the same “issues” as these two. This in turn has only feed into their long-suffering and now stunted -little boy egos — and allowed them to get rich & famous as a result.- Now, emboldrened — they are acting out to get even for real or imaged slights on them when they were children. And like spoiled children getting even for being “bullies” — they are taking advantage now -and not letting little things like reality or facts get in their way. As a side note: Some will say –“look At their high rating!” –compared to other media outlets ..well, if you put all the crazies in one room and all the sane people were spread out around the rest of the world — that one room would look kinda crowded. It might be a over-full bag of crap — But it is still a big bag of crap — and it still stinks!!!

  4. I am a conservative. He is a self-absorbed, rudderless, reasonless, opportunist.

    I am for civil rights, equality, yet meritocracy.

    This nut is a child.

    He doesn’t know he is just a hack.

    • Joel, I agree. But Beck (and Rush and Hannity too) are just feeding a audience the “junk” they want to hear and are cashing in for as long as they can and laughing all the way to the bank!

  5. This man is insane.

  6. All politics completely aside, Glenn Beck is a raving jackass. Factor in the politics and he seems less so… but still a raving jackass.

  7. Dan and Glenn Beck have the same haircut. Coincidence? I think not. Dun Dun Dun Duh.

  8. Have you ever visited the blog Glenn Beck vs. Harry Reid (http://glennbeckvsharryreid.blogspot.com)? I doubt it. It’s a bit new. But the description is as follows:

    “THIS IS THE PLACE where those who would NEVER vote for Harry Reid, might still have something nice to say about him and other Democrats, liberals and progressives. THIS IS also THE PLACE for liberals to express sincere admiration for right wing nut-cases, conservative wackos and… maybe even Glenn Beck!”

    So, the thing is, there’s some nice things said about Harry Reid but nothing nice about Glenn Beck. Why not?

    And, please, please! resist answering with something like “because Glenn Beck is so stupid.” He might be stupid, but that does not answer the question of why nothing YET has been posted about Glenn Beck on that blog.

  9. dude, who the hell knows? That’s not my blog.

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