David Buckner Passes Out on Glenn Beck’s Show

April 14, 2009 at 5:49 am | Posted in American politics | 26 Comments

things get weirder and weirder on the Glenn Beck show. That’s my stake president. What’s he doing there? I hope he’s okay. I’m not surprised that my stake president shares Glenn Beck’s political views. It shows that, at least at the local level, (and most likely the top level), church leadership opinion thinks it is okay the kinds of things that Glenn Beck says about the world around us.

Here’s one of the youtubes:



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  1. “It shows that, at least at the local level, (and most likely the top level), church leadership opinion thinks it is okay the kinds of things that Glenn Beck says about the world around us.”

    It does not show that at all. He was talking basic finance stuff.

  2. Chris,

    I talked with President Buckner this past Sunday and in the conversation I gleaned that he didn’t agree with Beck’s politics as a whole. He certainly leans in that direction though. And he wouldn’t get on Beck’s show to talk economics and finance if he didn’t generally agree with the same political beliefs that Beck believed. For example, I highly doubt Beck would ever get Krugman on his show, even just to talk finance. Because Krugman believes differently. And Beck is trying to direct policy in his direction, not get facts out.

  3. I in no way like Beck. Heck, I am far to your left. However, when you say “And he wouldn’t get on Beck’s show to talk economics and finance if he didn’t generally agree with the same political beliefs that Beck believed”.: I have a problem with that. I have attended John Birch meetings to support friends. I will talk to a College Republican group if invited. I assume that a Stake President probably have a more conservative political stance. But he is talking about his specialty to a public audience. Profs should do that.

    Krugman and Beck do no go to the same Church either.

    You and I both comment at M*. Does that mean that we endorse their politics?

  4. That should read:

    Krugman and Beck do not go to the same Church either.

  5. Let me say it differently, if Buckner was a liberal, Beck would not invite him on his show to talk finance, no matter how good of friends they are.

  6. Chris H.,

    What are my politics? I’m just curious to know what you think they are. 🙂 My political views might just suprise you.


    Glenn Beck has actually had several liberals on his show to discuss issues. I recently watched a discussion he had with Al Sharpton. Truth be told, I actually like Al Sharpton and thought Beck was very fair and respectfull to him during the interview.

    Al Sharpton is speaking out against the sheriff in my county, Joe Arpaio. I might just have to go march with Rev. Sharpton when he comes down to Arizona to protest.

  7. Brian,

    I admit to a severe disliking of Beck. I don’t watch his show. So I’m probably quite wrong about who he invites on his show. I do remember he was very disrespectful to America’s first Muslim Congressman who happened to disagree with Beck’s world view. As such, Beck asked him if he worked with America’s enemies.

  8. What?!?!? Not a fan of Glenn Beck?!?!?! Whoda thunk it! 🙂

    I’m just as happy to listen to Glenn Beck or Randy Rhodes for political discussion. Heck, I just enjoy stimulating talk radio. Then again, I’m nerdy that way.

  9. But he’s not stimulating, Brian. I’ll give anyone a shot if they have something worthy to say. Glenn Beck goes back and forth between calling Obama a socialist or a fascist. He hasn’t decided on which one is more politically incendiary. That’s not stimulating talk. That’s stupid.

  10. Brian,

    I did not say anything about your politics in particular. I was just saying that Dan and I interact on conservative forums all the time. Come now, M* is a relatively conservative blog. Just an observation and not a criticism.

    I think that I understand Dan’s point a bit better.

    Isn’t Randy Rhodes the late guitarist for Ozzy?

  11. Dan,

    You are right about Beck. It might be better to ignore him.

  12. I should ignore Beck like I totally ignore Rush. But it’s hard. Maybe because he’s Mormon, and that fact makes him influential in the Mormon community, and I really dislike that. He’ll take Mormonism in a wrong direction.

  13. Daniel, Glenn Beck is NOT the prophet. I’m not sure how he would/could take Mormonism in a wrong direction. Politics is not religion. Well, at least for some of us it isn’t. 😉

  14. Mormonism has been down that road for a long time. What (political) harm can he do that Ezra Taft Benson and Skousen have not already done? Plenty of right-wing crazy Mormons (though not Brian, of course) with or without Beck.

  15. Chris H, your thinking of Randy Rhoads. He played for Ozzy and Quiet Riot. I am a fan of his as well.

  16. Brian,

    Like Chris brings up, non-prophets can be quite influential within the Mormon world, as sadly, Skousen was.


    Beck wishes to continue in the footsteps of Skousen. For me, that’s unacceptable. Hence why I speak out against Beck.

  17. Thanks, Chris. I don’t feel very crazy or right wing today. Perhaps tomorrow, though.

  18. Brian, I figured as much. I am more of a metal man that a talk radio guy. Now I have Crazy Train in my head.

  19. “Beck wishes to continue in the footsteps of Skousen. For me, that’s unacceptable. Hence why I speak out against Beck.”

    Ummm, as a liberal I think that he can follow in whatever footsteps he wants. Maybe I am just more mellow these days.

    Remember with Obama’s approval ratings in the 60’s, we actually surround them.

  20. Chris,

    heh, it’s not that I think Beck’s Skousen-esque show will actually really affect America, but rather that it is an embarrassing splotch on Mormonism that I wish would just go away.

  21. I hope you looked at Obama’s “religion” like you look at Glenn Beck’s. I’m not a morman, I have known mormans and they are good people. I just don’t know how to take “I’m a typical white person” and “Clinging to my religion and to my guns”. According to Rev. Wright and Malcolm X all white men are the devil so who is the racist? I was told during the election that if I didn’t vote for President B.O. that I was a racist. But if you were voting for President B.O. just to say a balck man can’t be elected as President doesn’t that make you a racist? Just asking. I don’t trust the government or the media. I do trust Glenn Beck he is the only one that will let you look him in the eye. From where I come from that means something. If you don’t understand that then your opinion doesn’t mean a thing to me and you have ZERO credibilty.

  22. What is it with conservatives and spelling!!!

  23. just to dip into the Joe Arpaio issue, i live here in arizona and see all the problems we have here first hand. I have voted for Arpaio 2x now and i dont agree with him really at all cause i think he is a very big media hog and cant pass on a chance to talk to the media. However i do think he is the only one fighting this illegal immigration problem, and i dont agree with his tactics all the time but, most of the people that have a problem with illegal immigration is legal immigrants. They are just trying to live the american dream legally, they dont want special treatment and they dont want free money, services, homes, none of that they just want to work and have a better life for there children. Now if you come here illegally you dont pay taxes so we pay them for you, you use services set up to help tax payers, you waste emergency room recources which raise health care costs and hurt the hospital cause they wont let you die, they will help you but they take the hit and beleive me they are about to crash and burn esspecially if this Hilters Health care goes through. you better hope you never get old, cancer, any major disease, or just get a bacteria that might kill you if you dont get treatment right away well call up to canada they will let you know how horrible Socialized Healthcare is and how once you start trying it say good bye to any kind of quality heath care.

  24. President Buckner is my stake president as well. I think he is a very influential person, just from the few times I have met him. I have also met Glenn Beck and believe he has a lot of influential power because of his ability to relate to everyday people as well as state strong opinions. His show is watched by 5 million people everyday. Not everyone has the ability to do that. If someone has to have that kind power, I’m glad it Glenn Beck, even though I believe he can seem over the top on simple problems in our government.

  25. Erika,

    Oh indeed Beck has influential power, but sadly it is not wielded for good things. It doesn’t matter how many listen to him. He’s insane.

  26. glenn beck is the best person to be influential on the radio and tv, cause he doesnt push his beliefs on you, and only wants you to stop putting your head in the sand and wake up. Whats wrong with inspiring people to read and educate themselves. I had a history teacher in high school that taught the same way and ive never had a better teacher, you learn much more with less crap thrown at you. You have to tell the truth to people even if they dont want to hear it, it will make the situation better in the long run. To many people dont want to fell pain or failure that will be our down fall cause if we dont feel it our kids and there kids will feel it for decades. and if your really still that blind and dont want to see it then your part of the problem and have no business making any kind of ignorant statements, yes daniel im talking to you. By the way who has read: Atlas Shrugged, 5000 year leap, THE CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS these documents tell the true story of why things are so bad and these are the documents that will help you open your eyes and see the truth, public schools have failed to inform the general public of the reasons why all of this gov’t doesnt work. If they control the schools they control the history books, and the will and have re-written history.

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