Disappointed In Not Seeing More Mormons Decry Torture

April 17, 2009 at 7:39 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

It’s disappointing. Jay Bybee, a Mormon, is given the task to write enough mumbo jumbo that muddies otherwise clear waters on what constitutes torture and what doesn’t. Mormons believe every single human being on this planet is a son or daughter of God. We believe every single human being on this planet made a choice in the pre-existence to follow God’s plan by coming to this earth, getting a body, and going through a test of faith in order to be exalted. We believe every single human born on this planet will be judged according to the lives and environments they lived. That means that someone born in Afghanistan who never heard the gospel has the same equal opportunity to be saved in the afterlife as a white male born in Utah to loving Mormon parents. We believe that God is on our side. That means that we believe that God will fight to defend us from our enemies. We believe the gospel is restored and will never be taken from the earth again, come hell or high water. No enemy of ours on this planet would, therefore, constitute such a threat to our faith and our religion, that we would have to resort to any tactics that indicate our very survival is at stake. How can it when our prophets raise our hopes by saying we will actually survive, and not just survive but flourish! How can we flourish if our very existence is at threat of annihilation? That’s a contradiction. Knowing what we know about humanity, how can we in any way shape or form approve or recommend torture? I’d like to see more Mormons speak out against it. But I am not holding my breath.


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