Waterboarding Sucks

April 18, 2009 at 10:21 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) was supposedly waterboarded 183 times in one month!

The CIA used the waterboard “at least 83 times during August 2002” in the interrogation of Zubaydah. IG Report at 90, and 183 times during March 2003 in the interrogation of KSM, see id. at 91.

One hundred eighty three times in the month of March 2003. Let’s do some math. Divide 183 by 31 days and you get him waterboarded 5.9 times a day. That is once every four hours constantly for the entire 31 days. That’s a lot of waterboarding. Let me tell you, it must suck as a tool if it requires being used 183 times a month to extract information. 183 times. You don’t think there would be possible psychological side effects to that many times approaching death in one month. Boy, I wonder how often the interrogators who performed these 183 waterboarding sessions see KSM’s face at night struggling for air. He is a human being, after all. It isn’t really that easy on your psychology to see someone else suffer. You can’t build up a defense strong enough to ward off the images. 183 times in one month. That sure is a lot of pain and suffering KSM was put through. I wonder how many times he was waterboarded in April 2003. Or February 2003.

But let’s just get back to the other important issue. For supposedly the deal breaker, waterboarding really sucks. To have to put someone under the water that frequently, it really sucks. It’s a piece of crap tool. Maybe the CIA began to realize that waterboarding really was used to extract false confessions but thought, hey maybe if we just waterboard him one more time, he’ll get past the false confession and really reveal what we know he wants to reveal. Oh, no, not this time. Let’s try again.

And I just can’t get past one thing that we really haven’t talked about much. John Walker Lindh. Everybody remembers him, right? The American Taliban. The white dude from a rich Northern California community who shook Bin Laden’s hand… How awful is the CIA, that they cannot get an agent close enough to Bin Laden, but a rich white boy from NoCal can! Maybe the CIA should stop messing around with techniques from the Chinese and get back to making friends the old fashioned way, by being nice to them. I think we’ll get far more information that way…

heh…183 times…

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