Top 20 Most Used Keywords To Search My Blog

April 25, 2009 at 2:15 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

After three years of blogging, the following are the top 20 most used keywords people used to find my blog on the internet.

  1. second world war 1,335
  2. iraq 1,175
  3. cho seung-hui 879
  4. american civil war 760
  5. mit romney 637
  6. fox news sucks 525
  7. larry craig mormon 460
  8. the good democrat 373
  9. causes of the civil war 329
  10. why was the civil war fought 311
  11. sleep deprivation torture 304
  12. republican nominee 265
  13. middle east map 264
  14. mitt romney lies 254
  15. sarah palin boots 249
  16. where is christianity practiced 240
  17. the american civil war 210
  18. obama speech 2002 208
  19. romney lies 204
  20. american civil war slavery south carolin 199

Quite an eclectic group. I find it funny that Sarah Palin boots has gotten so many views. Many people visit my blog for my posts on the Civil War. Anyways, just thought it was interesting.


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