On Pakistan, One Piece Missing

May 2, 2009 at 5:37 am | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

This piece describing the dangers facing Pakistan right now is pretty good. It focuses on solely the lack of power and influence of the current Pakistani administration. They really have very very little power, and the civilian government will most likely collapse.

One big important piece is missing from this analysis of Pakistani politics. This is a very huge piece. There is a reason for Taliban insurgency in Pakistan, that grows almost every day. And it has to do with how many Pakistanis we, the Americans, kill with our Predator drones. I’m surprised military analysts haven’t really drawn the connections yet. The more we attack inside Pakistan, the more we reduce the influence and power of the Pakistani civilian leadership, and the more we increase the power and influence of the Taliban insurgency.

See, nationalists tend to not like very much when a foreign power strikes on its soil. The Taliban, while mostly foreign, is a next door neighbor and shares much in terms of religion and culture. America does not. It’s really not hard to see the connection. But Americans, it seems, are so blinded by the belief that their reliance on military might will win the day, they just can’t see how badly it is destroying Pakistan.

And maybe we’ve gone past the point of no return where Pakistan will fall to Taliban influence. What do we do then? Do we realize how easily we can get into a greater regional conflict? Hell, a World War might start over Pakistan. Lots of countries have a vested interest in Pakistan. Say, India, China, and Russia.

We ought to tread very carefully with how many Pakistanis we kill with our Predator drones.


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