America’s Political Discourse is Utterly Stupid

May 15, 2009 at 7:20 am | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

Just watched a few snippets from some of the morning shows on TV about Nancy Pelosi, whether she’s lying or whether the CIA is lying. What is absolutely stunning in the rhetoric of all those commentators is that they actually believe the CIA. It apparently doesn’t compute for them that a spy agency would EVER lie! Particularly to cover its own ass when they know they took actions that are illegal!

I think it is time to abolish the CIA. They’ve messed up so many things for the United States, they are simply not worth the money. Frankly, the United States would probably do better in this world blind than they would serviced by the eyes of the CIA.



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  1. I what difference does it make whose lying? No matter, nothing is going to change. The CIA will thrive and keep on keeping on doing what it does, and doing it very badly.

  2. Dan, what are your thoughts on what former Speaker Newt Gingrich had to say to ABC News:

  3. Brian,

    It seems Pelosi hit the right nerve. What did you expect from someone like Newt. It’s par for the course. Now, if he said Pelosi was right, the CIA does lie all the time to Congress (which, if you know their history, they are quite good at lying to Congress), then you might be on to something surprising.

    Brian, here’s what happened. The Bush administration captured a guy named al-Libi (who just mysteriously “committed suicide” in a Libyan prison) back in November 2001. In December 2001, under torture at the hands of the Egyptians, al-Libi said that there was indeed a connection between Al-Qaeda and Saddam. (Later he recanted, saying he told the Egyptians anything to get them to stop torturing him). This was the golden nugget the Bush administration wanted, Brian. They wanted the connection to Saddam. But sadly, there never was a connection. Al-Libi’s tortured forced confession was what Colin Powell used in February 2003 at the UN. It was a lie. But the testimony of one man is not enough to convince a nation like the United States, or hell, the rest of the world. More was needed.

    In 2002, they captured Zubaydah. Before the employment of torture, Zubaydah told the FBI about KSM and Jose Padilla. Then, Dick Cheney decided that Zubaydah must surely know about the connection between Al-Qaeda and Saddam, so he ordered the CIA to take over and torture Zubaydah, put the pressure to extract that nugget out of Zubaydah. They waterboarded him 83 times, and employed sleep deprivation and the mysterious box, where Zubaydah would face his greatest fear, bugs. But Zubaydah didn’t talk anymore. He clammed up. After starting this on Zubaydah, the CIA began to think, “hey wait a minute. We realize that the Vice President ordered us to torture Zubaydah, but we really need to make sure our asses are covered in case a different administration comes to power that might not be so kind to the CIA once they learn the CIA used illegal torture.”

    So the CIA began covering their asses.

    1. They got the OLC (under Jay Bybee) to rubber stamp their program and call it legal (which it isn’t).

    2. They were required by the National Security Act to inform Congress of their actions. The Act states that the CIA must inform the committees in charge of intelligence. The CIA knew that if they did that, their program would be busted and they would go to jail, so all they did was inform what’s called the “Gang of Four.” This was illegal (and of course Congress dropped the ball on this, as it has been doing on so much!). The Gang of Four included Pelosi and Goss. Goss is an important player in this whole drama we are seeing unfold right now. He’s one bad dude. When he was put in charge of the CIA, many professional field operatives and higher ups left the CIA. Goss politicized the CIA (yes, even more than it was already politicized). The leaks about Pelosi are straight from Goss and his underlings. Anyway, the CIA informed the Gang of Four that they were wanting to employ certain tactics called EITs (enhanced interrogation techniques). As to who said it correctly that waterboarding was included in this briefing, it really doesn’t matter. The fact that the CIA chose to only inform the Gang of Four shows they had something to hide from Congress, and the Gang of Four apparently could not do anything about what they were told. But the CIA got its political and Congressional cover.

    These are some very bad people, Brian. They purposefully broke the law to try and get a false confession from detainees about a possible connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, so that the war in Iraq could be justified and not have the air of illegality. See, the war in Iraq was illegal. There was no real justification under UN resolutions. None of the UN resolutions stated that a punishment for violation of those resolutions would be the dissolution of the government of Iraq. But that’s exactly what we did.

    Think of it Brian. KSM was captured on March 1, 2003. He was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003. Why do you think he was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003? What significant event took place in March 2003? THE INVASION OF IRAQ! Bush badly wanted corroborative testimony from a senior Al-Qaeda man that Al-Qaeda and Saddam worked together. THAT’S WHY THEY TORTURED!

    How can any American stand for this?

  4. Brian,

    Let me add two links for you to peruse.

    1. KSM was asked about Saddam/Al-Qaeda links

    2. Pete Hoekstra thinks it is important for the CIA to fully inform Congress.

  5. One more, this guy nails it.

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