American Terrorists Strike Again

June 10, 2009 at 2:57 pm | Posted in American politics | 10 Comments

This time at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Isn’t it fascinating that eight years of George W. Bush running this country and nary a single incident, or high profile incident, of a right wing terrorist trying to kill other Americans, but get a Democrat in office, and we’re back to how it was in the 90s, with violence here and there. Don’t be surprised, America, if right wing terrorists don’t eventually do another Oklahoma City bombing.

The Glenn Becks of the world need to tread cautiously with their vile language. They probably don’t realize how much it is enflaming hate among the extreme on the right.



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  1. Dan, calling conservatives F’n stupid conservatives doesn’t do anything either. We’re all hypocrites, but don’t pull out the beam of another until you’ve pulled the beam out of your own eye.

    And please don’t get angry with me. Just ignore or delete this comment.

  2. Sherpa,

    Calling conservative pundits and conservatives in general who don’t tell these pundits to shut their mouths stupid is factually correct. The pundits say stupid things. Their listeners on the right nod in agreement. They are stupid. If they wish to not be called stupid, they would raise their level of discourse.

    This is in no way comparable to a man who said it was time to “kill the Jews.”

  3. Dan, why don’t you raise the discourse, instead of calling them stupid. Calling people stupid doesn’t do anything to the level of discourse except for making the person you are calling stupid defensive. If you really feel strongly against vile language than why do you use it yourself? There’s better ways than resorting to the levels of those you disagree with. You think they are destroying America, I agree. But there’s better ways than calling them “F-ing stupid.” You may get paid a lot less than the pundits, but resorting to their level? You’re better than that.

    Did I ever say it’s comparable to a man who said it was time to kill the jews? That’s a straw man logical fallacy, friend. I never said, or implied that at all.

    Don’t argue with me please.

  4. Because they are stupid, they say stupid things, and must be called out for saying stupid things. Actually responding to what they say lowers the level of discourse because its stupid. For example, today, Romney and other Republicans (using the same talking points) blame Obama on the stolen election in Iran. Huh? There is no responding to that kind of stupidity except by calling it what it is, stupid.

    If someone were to actually attempt to debate whether or not Obama was the cause of the stolen election, the stupid talking point would be directing and dictating the course of the debate, when it shouldn’t even be a question at all. It is pure stupidity to say that Obama was the cause, or even one of the causes, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard stealing the election. IT’S STUPID Sherpa. And if you don’t like it, get the stupid Republicans and stupid conservatives to stop saying such stupid things.

  5. Dan, don’t argue with me. Thanks for listening to what I have to say. I hope you took it to heart!

    Have a great day!

  6. Joy (Sherpa),

    Maybe you’re having trouble reading my comments, because I don’t think you got it if you think I took what you said to heart.

  7. No, I’m sure my reading comprehension is great. Thanks for listening and taking what I had to say to heart. You’re a great guy.


  8. But I didn’t take what you said to heart, Joy. That’s why I don’t think you read my comments well. Look at my latest post, showing yet again, another example of conservative stupidity.

  9. Dan, I read your comments well. Thanks again for listening and applying what I’ve said. You’re a great guy!

  10. But I’m NOT applying what you said. I will still call conservatives stupid as long as they continue saying stupid things.

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