Another Example of Where Private Insurance on its own is Insufficient

June 22, 2009 at 2:33 pm | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

Yet another example. An elderly woman is rejected by private insurance because she has diabetes.


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  1. Dan, you are right that is a sad thing. My understanding, is that in UK once you turn 60 you are denied for kidney dialysis. And now Hawaii is ending their program. What do you think of all this? I really am quite the cynic now. I dont’ have much faith in anyone fixing this problem. I know private insurance sucks, but I feel like we will be trading one evil for another with government…one big VA hospital….

  2. amy,

    can you show me where you get that information that in the UK you are denied for kidney dialysis after you turn 60?

    Which program is Hawai’i ending?

    This problem can be fixed, and it will require government support. Private insurance on its own is insufficient for ALL. That’s the point. Capitalism, free market stuff, has NEVER been good at providing a service to ALL. It does provide good services to those who can pay, but it has no heart and no concern for those who cannot. T’was always thus, it will always be.

  3. There is no magical fix for health insurance no matter what Obama and the Dems may try and convince you. Someone will always not be covered and be trotted out as an example of how it is failing.

    I lived for a time in a country with socialized medicine. I saw the low rates charged by individual providers and the no out of pocket for prescriptions but also the abuses of the system. I witnessed a woman who had a baby; no complications or problems for mother or child, and they stayed in the hospital for 3 months because she was tired and didn’t want herself or her husband to have to put themselves out with late night feedings etc, that are part of having a baby.

    Nationalized health care in the US may not be the worst thing that could happen to the system, but it would be damn close to it.

  4. Kurt,

    But Obama and the Dems are not trying to convince you that there is a magical fix

  5. Dan,

    That may be true enough, but I don’t feel the need to have more of my paycheck taken to provide for those that wont do it for themselves. I’m not talking about those that currently use Medicare or Medicade, but those who choose to do nothing to provide for themselves or their families knowing that Uncle Sam will take care of them.
    Those days need to end. We, as a country, simply cannot afford to care for everyone from cradle to grave. Personal accountability is sadly UNDERRATED.

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