Palin to Alaskans: Screw You

July 3, 2009 at 7:10 pm | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

That’s essentially what it means that she quits her job before even finishing her first term.

If truly she is quitting her job as Alaskan governor so that she can better prepare for 2012, then she basically says to Alaskans, screw you. What kind of president do you think that would make her? If she gets tired of her job 30 months into the presidency, what is she gonna do? Quit? “Sorry America, I don’t like this job anymore, I’m gonna hand over the reins to my VP. Hasta La Vista.”

The real reasons may be that she really is not ready for the pressure of the national spotlight. What I mean by this, she’s just not educated enough, she’s not been trained enough on how to manage her persona, she’s too erratic, when she really needs to display strong consistency. She may also truly hate how her family is attacked in the press. Having a rather eclectic family, and also a daughter who rather awkwardly goes against the grain and gets pregnant with her boyfriend, makes it very hard to keep the family out of the spotlight, particularly when your party runs on “family values.” I’m sure that really wore her and her family down over time.

She is also probably about to be hit with a very damning and politically destroying scandal related to how terribly she’s been running Alaska and wants out on her terms.

Either way, she’s telling Alaskans, screw you.


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  1. Mark Ambider nails it.

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