Get Sarah Palin a Whaaaaaambulance STAT!

July 4, 2009 at 10:50 pm | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

What a total utterly sniveling crybaby!

First she releases a 4th of July message in which she tries to be patriotic, but fails…stupendously. Her note includes this little gem:

The response in the main stream media has been most predictable, ironic, and as always, detached from the lives of ordinary Americans who are sick of the “politics of personal destruction”. How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it’s about country. And though it’s honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make.

Whaaaaaa! Her feewings got hurt…awww, does she need a band aid? And… is she a bit jealous at Obama? Note her attempted dig, a failed pot shot at the president. “And though it’s honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term…” Is she really trying to take a dig at Obama? Who didn’t resign his position as Senator of Illinois until AFTER the results were official and he was elected president? What a jealous bitch. Note also the “martyr complex.” She thinks she is held to a different standard. Classic martyr complex. “Please, media, please crucify me, I’ll score all sorts of points with my constituents.”

Then her lawyer thinks he’s getting nasty with those dastardly bloggers…

To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as “fact” that Governor Palin resigned because she is “under federal investigation” for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation. This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law. The Alaska Constitution protects the right of free speech, while simultaneously holding those “responsible for the abuse of that right.” Alaska Constitution Art. I, Sec. 5.… These falsehoods abuse the right to free speech; continuing to publish these falsehoods of criminal activity is reckless, done without any regard for the truth, and is actionable.

Thomas Van Flein, for
Governor Sarah Palin

Whaaaa! Whaaaaa! WHAAAAAAA!

What the hell is wrong with the Republicans and America’s conservatives? What the hell is wrong with you guys? Why the hell do you revere a person as stupid as Sarah Palin? She is literally more stupid than a totem pole. Why the hell do you guys give her any, and I mean ANY credibility, or influence among your group? Do you guys not realize how utterly ridiculous she makes you guys look? The more she opens her mouth and speaks for you guys, the worse she makes you guys look. Do you not see this?

If Republicans and conservatives want to be taken seriously and not be derided, made fun of, ridiculed from here on out, they must purge the Sarah Palins from their communities.

PS: Paul Begala does a fine job noting uh… how poorly Sarah Palin wrote her resignation speech:

It was an almost impossible mission, but in resigning from office with 17 months to go in her first term, Sarah Palin has made herself the bull goose loony of the GOP.

Let’s stipulate that if there is some heretofore unknown personal, medical or family crisis, this was the right move. But Gov. Palin didn’t say anything like that. Her statement was incoherent, bizarre and juvenile. The text, as posted on Gov. Palin’s official website (here), uses 2,549 words and 18 exclamation points. Lincoln freed the slaves with 719 words and nary an exclamation; Mr. Jefferson declared our independence in 1,322 words and, again, no exclamation points. Nixon resigned the presidency in 1,796 words — still no exclamation points. Gov. Palin capitalized words at random – whole words, like “TO,” “HELP,” and “AND,” and the first letter of “Troops.”

Gov. Palin’s official announcement that she is resigning as chief executive of the great state of Alaska had all the depth and gravitas of a 13-year-old’s review of the Jonas Brothers’ album on Facebook.

Well said Mr. Begala. It’s really ironic because it is the conservative movement that decries the supposedly horrid conditions in our educational system, yet it is generally among the conservative movement that you find the worst and most egregious examples of not just misspellings but of grammar and sentence structure. Guess they should have spent more time learning than deriding their learning…



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  1. It looks like she did it for the money.

  2. This post made me laugh because my husband made the same comment. Sarah Palin is a narcissist and I think it won’t be long before we find out the real reason she quit.

    A couple of interesting articles that seemed appropriate to share

  3. Thanks for sharing those Flo. I just posted another post from Swampland. It seems Sarah Palin has made a career out of quitting.

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