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July 8, 2009 at 10:18 pm | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

Tax the wealthy.

Simple answers to simple questions. It’s not like America hasn’t taxed the wealthy before to solve major problems. After all, even during the Eisenhower administration, the wealthiest Americans were taxed at 90%. I don’t advocate such a high tax, but just saying, today’s wealthiest Americans are BY FAR wealthier than America’s wealthy ever have been. Middle class and lower class have stagnated or sunk over the past 30 years (thanks to Republican policies) while the rich have prospered beyond anyone’s imaginations. Tax them. Tax them well. 50% ought to pay for health care, balance our budget, and even pay down some of that nasty debt we are incurring and passing down to our children.


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  1. Since when do we, as a nation, promote penalizing success? These wealthy people are the ones who own businesses and provide jobs. I dont know of one poor person who can do the same.
    Additional taxes have always and will always, discourage the type of risk taking that makes people wealthy in the first place. It slows the economic engine.

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