Only the Despicable George W Bush and Alberto Gonzales Could Make John Ashcroft Look Like the Hero

July 10, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

Seriously! Bravo to Ashcroft, who on his near death bed said no to George Bush and Alberto Gonzales’ attempts to get the DOJ to sign off on a highly illegal, as yet to be revealed, program (which, the way things are going, we’re gonna hear about very soon). It apparently is a program that shocked even hardcore Republicans.

Truly, George W. Bush was the worst president America has ever had. And it is really sad that we didn’t impeach him or try him for war crimes while he was in office. He can still be tried for war crimes and treason. But not with the terrible Congress we currently have, and certainly not by Barack Obama, who would rather us move along to greener pastures.


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