How to Be Brutal Like The Chinese Communists

August 12, 2009 at 3:24 am | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

That would be “Doc Jensen” and “Doc Mitchell”, the two bumbling idiots who profited on torturing for America. And the tragic point in all this is stated right at the beginning of the article:

Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were military retirees and psychologists, on the lookout for business opportunities. They found an excellent customer in the Central Intelligence Agency, where in 2002 they became the architects of the most important interrogation program in the history of American counterterrorism.

They had never carried out a real interrogation, only mock sessions in the military training they had overseen. They had no relevant scholarship; their Ph.D. dissertations were on high blood pressure and family therapy. They had no language skills and no expertise on Al Qaeda.

But they had psychology credentials and an intimate knowledge of a brutal treatment regimen used decades ago by Chinese Communists. For an administration eager to get tough on those who had killed 3,000 Americans, that was enough.

They knew how to be brutal like the Chinese Communists. That’s all George W. Fucking Bush needed. Be brutal like the Chinese Communists, because that worked out so well for the Chinese Communists to be brutal. They knew nothing at all about Al-Qaeda. They knew nothing at all about interrogation. They had no scholarship on the subject. They had no language skills. They did know, however, how to be brutal like the Chinese Communists.

How did it ever come to this that a brutal Chinese Communist tactic is blessed and legalized by America?


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