White Republicans Rip Up Rosa Parks Poster

August 13, 2009 at 4:31 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

Yeah, this will go over REAL WELL with blacks. Here is more context. Put simply, the woman should not have had the poster with her. She rolled it up. A reporter came by and asked to see what poster she had. She showed the poster to the reporter and some crazed fucked up white man came over, took the poster out of the black woman’s hands and ripped it up. Yeah, oooh, I’m a big man! The man was eventually arrested, and the black woman simply removed from the event.

Go ahead, Republicans. Make yourselves into a whites only party. That will work real well for you.



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  1. yep it’s not nice to tear up other peoples posters… but what does Rosa Parks have to do with health care reform? That was Missouri so I can believe there’s some white guy dumb enough to do that there, i’m just wondering what the connection between Rosa Parks and health care is?

  2. no clue. doesn’t really matter. the white guy saw the poster though. maybe he was an ignorant white hick and didn’t know who Rosa Parks was. That might be a good excuse for him. In any case, it adds to the fodder that the Republican party is no place for America’s black community.

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