Republican Asshole

September 9, 2009 at 9:31 pm | Posted in American politics | 18 Comments

That would be Joe Wilson of South Carolina. He is an asshole, plain and simple. I like what this guy at Daily Kos did with the image of Obama, Biden, and Pelosi looking at Mr. Wilson:


You done fucked up, sir.

The face of Republicans today, a white man shouting down a black president.




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  1. Republican Joe Wilson’s total disrespect to the President of the United States, the due process rule and his inability to control his emotions must not go un noticed. In fact, Rep. Joe Wilson must be punished for his disrespectful actions. The likes of Rep. Joe Wilson is the very catylist which deeply devides this nation. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, Shame on you and shame on the people of South Carolina who elected you to mislead them.

    Joan Bailey Ph.D.

  2. I am a South Carolinian and I am so ashamed of the likes of Joe Wilson acting on our behalf! As A Southern Gentleman (he is not) he should know better and not disrespect our President, or his Tiltle as our Congressman. May he be defeated BIG time in the next election, I know neither me or my family would ever vote for him again. Then he can go hide under a rock where he belongs!!!

  3. The real problem here is that the blogs and MSM is reveling in the event and not shooting down this idiots claim with facts. The NYTimes prints the truth of Obama’s statement buried in text 2/3 of the way thru a 1000 word piece—nice job NYT,.

    The bill states in capitol letters that undocumented persons are not covered. What the brain dead fail to get is the fact that if illegal immigrants are currently buying their own insurance they are paying for it and will get no subsidies from the US. Period! They are paying for it themselves not getting anything for FREE–someone call South Carolina and remind the mindless fools that support this racist that nobody gets FREE healthcare from insurance.

    Hospital ER will continue to be the exception as they currently are for any human being thanks to Ronald Reagan’s bill from 1986 providing care to anyone who goes to the ER for treatment.

  4. I guess what Joe Wilson knew and you didn’t was that there were no provisions to require verification of legal status to actually ENFORCE not giving free coverage to illegals and two amendments sponsored by the republican side to do just that had been shot down. So in my opinion while I think that calling the president a liar was going too far, I think he had more reason to say what he did than you have to call him a racist.

  5. cephalopod,

    The only thing I will say on illegal immigration related issues is that no matter what provision you may set, it won’t change the fact that there are millions of illegal immigrants in this country. Trying to tear down health care reform over illegal immigration is silly. Illegal immigration must be resolved in other ways. That’s all I have to say about that.

  6. Oh, and Joe Wilson is still a racist.

  7. if you have any evidence to prove he is let’s hear it

  8. do you have any evidence to prove he is not? I mean, I’m only asking a question.

  9. where’s the evidence that YOURE not racist.

  10. where’s the evidence that I am?

  11. Maureen Dowd gets it.

  12. purely speculative… hey maybe next you could imply that i’m racist and then i’ll say where’s the evidence that I am and you’ll say where’s the evidence that i’m not.

  13. so i take it you’re going to tell Glenn Beck to stop being speculative. After all, I’m only asking questions, nothing serious, right?

  14. In the unlikely event I run into Glenn Beck I’ll tell him to stop being speculative for both of us, but I really don’t care about Glenn Beck. I care about you though Daniel that’s why i’m here, to try to prevent you from throwing your life away obsessing about politics.

  15. do I know you in real life?

    Here is how you can succeed in getting me to stop obsessing about politics. Get the likes of Glenn Beck and his ilk to shut the hell up, get some sense, talk more seriously, and be responsible partners in guiding this country in a right direction. As long as those kinds of fools lead a major, influential political party in this country, I cannot stay silent.

  16. no you don’t know me in real life… I used to care a lot about politics especially around the first time I went to Iraq with the U.S. army. At first what motivated me most was people on the left villainizing me for my military service then I started noticing the hypocrisy of those who werent willing to die for their cause but would send others to. I don’t care about either side. I want all of them to feel the terror of war firsthand. That’s why I quit the military after 9 years, the American people as a whole left/right aren’t worth fighting for to me.

  17. your family should be the only ones worth fighting for. The rest try to use you for political ends. I appreciate the concern cephalopod, but I want to ensure we do not ever see another period in American history like we saw in the last eight years. I will do what I can, my own small, insignificant part. Sick and stupid as it is to have to deal with racist, bigoted, unlearned fools like Beck et al, one party has decided to embrace that kind of racist, bigoted stupidity and must not be allowed to be in charge ever again.

  18. Come you masters of war. You that build all the guns. You that build the death planes, you that build all the bombs. You that hide behind walls. You that hide behind desks. We just want you to know we can see through your masks.
    You that fasten all the triggers, for the others to fire. Then you sit back and watch, while the death toll gets high. You hide in your mansions, while the young people’s blood, pours out of their bodies and gets buried in the mud………..
    -Bob Dylan

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