Bush’s Czars

September 17, 2009 at 8:07 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

More of this please, Democrats. Show how utterly stupid Glenn Beck really is.



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  1. Once again the Democrats have to resort to deception to try and consolidate their loony, gullible, and naive base who surely won’t look past the ad to find the real truth.

    Bush had 27 czars. To get to 47 you have to count all the people that actually filled those 27 positions as individual czars. For instance, the “aids czar” under Bush was held by 5 people over 8 years. I’ll let you go find the rest if you really have enough intellectual honesty to go do some research.

    Another point worth mentioning is the way in which these czars are being used and the power given them. Though I’m still looking, I can find no instance of any of Bush’s czars having budgetary power, nor any power for that matter to implement policy. They were simply advisors for non-cabinet positions. Obama’s czars have far more power than this and he has far more PERMANENT czar positions.

    I’m not surprised Democrats continue to lie. They know no other way to operate than to dupe the public into thinking their ideology and policies can actually make America a better place. Silly libs and dems.

  2. so… Bush did actually have 47 czars. Good to know. Nice spin, btw.

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