Conservatives Are Poor Sport Losers

September 17, 2009 at 11:34 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

Let’s get something straight here. First off, there truly is a lot of uncertainty and concern out there that is sincere and based on the shaky economy, the disillusionment of the war in Iraq, and general malaise at politics in general. But let’s not kid ourselves about those who are currently protesting the Democratically led Congress and White House. They are not protesting over fiscal responsibility or less government. They are protesting and acting mad because they lost and it really really burns their hides that they lost. They thought their ideology was vastly superior to liberalism and that it was impossible for anyone to consider anything but their ideology. They are angry because of arrogance. They are angry because they are poor sports. They are angry because they are losers, and they hate losing. They are throwing a tantrum.

Take for instance the ridiculous 9/12 Project protest this past weekend in DC. The “mad as hell” losers, uh, what exactly were they protesting? It wasn’t quite clear. Something about government. Less government. No government. Yet, this very same group relied on government-funded public transportation to get to their protest, and then complained when that government funded public transportation was inadequate for their needs, even though they support representatives who vote against increasing funding for those very government funded public transportation mechanisms they claim are inadequate!

Then there is the argument found in the following picture:

“Don’t Touch My Medicare.” President Obama poked some fun at this:

Republicans lost the election in 2008 because they ate so much of their own propaganda, that they forgot what reality looked like. Sadly, the lesson was not learned, and it will only get worse. The hysteria and unhinged propaganda will continue to increase, the voices will get louder and louder (particularly because being louder gets you more ink and more green). Glenn Beck, for instance, is going to continue capitalizing on his commodity (the Glenn Beck Manifesto), expanding into more genres with books, tv and radio. The corporations, seeing good cash to be made, will sponsor his extravagances with fantasy, and let him run away in whatever direction he wants. There will be copycats. There will be devotees, both in and out of politics. This is merely the beginning.

Republicans do not deserve to lead this country, because they are simply irresponsible, to a criminal extent. They started a war over lies, they employed the illegal use of torture, and they failed miserably to take care of Americans during the worst hurricane to hit America yet. They are not fit to lead. There are enough Americans who don’t think that way, and thus we’re going to be caught in this same cycle for the foreseeable future. Glenn Beck and his acolytes to come, have no incentive to shut their mouths. In fact right now, their incentive is to get louder and louder and say even dumber things than I would ever dream possible.

They will continue to be poor sports, because that’s the greatest incentive, brings them the greatest reward. Be the poor sport. Be the loser. Be the yeller in the crowd. Be the underdog. Be the proud right wing terrorist. Be childish and stupid. Revel in stupidity against the evil elite educated. Tear down American education. This is how to be a Republican hero today and for the foreseeable future.

Be a poor sport loser.



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  1. the good democrat… sounds like quite the oxymoron to me, haha.

  2. as does compassionate conservatives. 🙂

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