Fox News, Still Lying to America

September 22, 2009 at 8:06 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Wake up conservatives. Fox News is destroying you.


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  1. Wake up liberals, MSNBC’s destroying you.

  2. why do you think MSNBC is destroying us?

  3. With liberal haters like Lawrence O’Donnell who rudely interrupts a multitude of guests and badgers them incessantly, like in this video:

    Rep. Culberson makes a good correlation between O’Donnell’s boorish behavior and MSNBC’s plummeting ratings. If this is the way liberals treat conservative guests, it is no wonder that conservatives are turning off MSNBC and choosing to watch other news channels.

    Hate destroys. O’Donnell has demonstrated that he is filled with hate. Watching O’Donnell will lead you to follow his example and shout down conservatives in a hateful manner. MSNBC is destroying liberals.

    MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan defended Hitler TWICE on his blog: MSNBC is cultivating hate and race bating by allowing low lifes like Buchanan to continue doing shows on MSNBC.

    MSNBC is biased, per its own admission:

    Shall I go on?

  4. Actually yes, please go on. Because so far, you only highlight aspects of MSNBC in which they emulate FOX News. So please, show more examples.

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