Why Does Stanford University Pay Condoleezza Rice Any Money?

September 23, 2009 at 11:46 am | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

Don’t they realize how much she is shaming their fine institution, with stupid talk like this:

“The last time we left Afghanistan, and we abandoned Pakistan,” she said, “that territory became the very territory on which Al Qaeda trained and attacked us on September 11th. So our national security interests are very much tied up in not letting Afghanistan fail again and become a safe haven for terrorists…It’s that simple,” she declared, “if you want another terrorist attack in the U.S., abandon Afghanistan.”

Frankly, if her worldview were even accurate, I would rather take terrorists trying to attack us here in America rather than us wasting our fine resources in Afghanistan. Let them spill their blood upon the walls of our fortress.

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  1. Frankie, it seems so easy for you to say “it would be better for the terriosts to attack us here than to waste our resources in Afghanistan.” Don’t you realize that if there were major attacks in our country, the outcome could result in the collaspe of our teetering economy? If they attacked you’re neighborhood, would you be making those same rediculous statements?

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