Glenn Beck Adores George Bush

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Never forget.

Juicy Gossip! – Levi Johnston Tells All About Sarah Palin

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Not that anyone is really surprised, but the Palin home is your typical family. Parents who bicker, older children taking care of younger children while parents are overstressed from having too many to handle. I will say, this one anecdote, though, is rather disturbing:

After Tripp was born, Sarah would pay more attention to our son than she would to her own baby, Trig. Sarah has a weird sense of humor. When she came home from work, Bristol and I would be holding Trig and Tripp. Sarah would call Trig—who was born with Down syndrome—“my little Down’s baby.” But I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, “No, I don’t want the retarded baby—I want the other one,” and pick up Tripp. That was just her—even her kids were used to it.
Sarah didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to Trig. The special-needs baby got special love from Bristol, the rest of the kids, me, and Todd, who was always playing with Trig when he could. Sarah had people coming over to do his physical therapy, but when she came home from work, she’d tell Bristol she was too tired to take care of him. She’d walk in the door, give him a kiss, and act happy for 10 seconds before hibernating in her room until the next day started. Bristol and I would have Trig until 11 p.m., when we’d put him in his crib. Sarah went to bed between 9 and 10 p.m. Once the election started, they had a lady there taking care of Trig the whole time. From being with Bristol when she watched Trig, I became quite familiar with babies before I had mine.

It’s not easy taking care of a special needs child like one with Down’s Syndrome. And it will indeed tax the energy and will of the parent who has to care for that child, but this kind of joking around is, well, disturbing.

Debt Under Democrats Vs Debt Under Republicans

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Just so this is clear

Reaganomics = lower taxes for the rich, higher debt for the nation, and increased government spending. Or in other words: unsustainable. Put in perspective, the richest Americans were taxed at 90% during the Eisenhower years. This was done so our nation could meet its financial obligations, including paying down the nation’s debt. There was a time when Republicans were actually more responsible toward their nation. But as quoted in the link above, which I’ll quote below, the godfather of modern conservatism, didn’t think that was important:

The task, as I saw it, was to create a new majority, which evidently would mean a conservative majority, which came to mean, in turn, a Republican majority – so political effectiveness was the priority, not the accounting deficiencies of government…

Running a good government is no longer the overriding priority of the Republican party. Institutional disruption and bad news. That’s what runs the Republican party today.

John Boehner: Obama Is Not A Socialist

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Glad we’ve got that cleared up. How many days before Beck and Limbaugh force Boehner to recant and say again that Obama is a socialist?

Another Conservative Gets It – In 1998

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How prescient.

The Republicans are too conservative: Their deference to their southern base is persuading much of the country that their vision is a sour and crabbed one. But they’re too liberal, too, as their all-out retreat from shrinking the government indicates. At the same time, the Republicans have passed none of the reforms that ingratiated the party with the “radical middle.” The Republicans’ biggest problem is not their ideology but their lack of one. Stigmatized as rightists, behaving like leftists, and ultimately standing for nothing, they’re in the worst of all possible worlds.

That’s why the Republicans spent months waiting for a Clinton scandal to blossom. Like the Democrats of the 1970s, they are now the party with a stake in institutional disruption and bad news. And their resemblance to the corrupt dynasty they overthrew does not stop there. Their party is now directionless, with only two skills to recommend it: first, identifying and prosecuting the excesses of its opponents; second, rigging the campaign finance system to protect its incumbency long after it has ceased having any ideas that would justify incumbency. The Republican Party is an obsolescent one. It may continue to rule, disguised as a majority by electoral legerdemain. But it will be a long time before the party is again able to rule from a place in Americans’ hearts.

Some Conservatives Get it

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Like Bruce Bartlett.

Commentary is now just a highbrow version of National Review, which is just a glossy version of Human Events, which has become a slightly less hysterical version of nutty websites like WorldNetDaily. The Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Weekly Standard, founded by Kristol’s son Bill, just parrot the Republican Party line of the day.
The intellectual bankruptcy of conservatism today is even greater than it was when Irving Kristol founded The Public Interest in 1965. What passes for a conservative movement these days wears its anti-intellectualism as a badge of honor. But as Kristol correctly understood, right-wing populism has no future and fundamental changes in the direction of government policy must be based on serious research and analysis that is grounded on hard data; that is to say, reality.

Would that more conservatives listen to a guy like this than Glenn Beck.

The Republican Party Is Now Truly A White Southerner Party

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Abraham Lincoln must be rolling in his grave at what today’s Republicans have done to his party.

Yes, that’s right, only in the South are Republicans admired. Oh, and Utah of course. Can’t forget about white Mormons and their full hearted support of the Republican party.

Another Brilliant Project 9/12 Video

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Man, the ignorance of simple history! This is Glenn Beck’s world.

Early Version of Glenn Beck – Kids in the Hall

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And here I thought parodies come after the fact! (h/t dday)

Conservatives Are Poor Sport Losers

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Let’s get something straight here. First off, there truly is a lot of uncertainty and concern out there that is sincere and based on the shaky economy, the disillusionment of the war in Iraq, and general malaise at politics in general. But let’s not kid ourselves about those who are currently protesting the Democratically led Congress and White House. They are not protesting over fiscal responsibility or less government. They are protesting and acting mad because they lost and it really really burns their hides that they lost. They thought their ideology was vastly superior to liberalism and that it was impossible for anyone to consider anything but their ideology. They are angry because of arrogance. They are angry because they are poor sports. They are angry because they are losers, and they hate losing. They are throwing a tantrum.

Take for instance the ridiculous 9/12 Project protest this past weekend in DC. The “mad as hell” losers, uh, what exactly were they protesting? It wasn’t quite clear. Something about government. Less government. No government. Yet, this very same group relied on government-funded public transportation to get to their protest, and then complained when that government funded public transportation was inadequate for their needs, even though they support representatives who vote against increasing funding for those very government funded public transportation mechanisms they claim are inadequate!

Then there is the argument found in the following picture:

“Don’t Touch My Medicare.” President Obama poked some fun at this:

Republicans lost the election in 2008 because they ate so much of their own propaganda, that they forgot what reality looked like. Sadly, the lesson was not learned, and it will only get worse. The hysteria and unhinged propaganda will continue to increase, the voices will get louder and louder (particularly because being louder gets you more ink and more green). Glenn Beck, for instance, is going to continue capitalizing on his commodity (the Glenn Beck Manifesto), expanding into more genres with books, tv and radio. The corporations, seeing good cash to be made, will sponsor his extravagances with fantasy, and let him run away in whatever direction he wants. There will be copycats. There will be devotees, both in and out of politics. This is merely the beginning.

Republicans do not deserve to lead this country, because they are simply irresponsible, to a criminal extent. They started a war over lies, they employed the illegal use of torture, and they failed miserably to take care of Americans during the worst hurricane to hit America yet. They are not fit to lead. There are enough Americans who don’t think that way, and thus we’re going to be caught in this same cycle for the foreseeable future. Glenn Beck and his acolytes to come, have no incentive to shut their mouths. In fact right now, their incentive is to get louder and louder and say even dumber things than I would ever dream possible.

They will continue to be poor sports, because that’s the greatest incentive, brings them the greatest reward. Be the poor sport. Be the loser. Be the yeller in the crowd. Be the underdog. Be the proud right wing terrorist. Be childish and stupid. Revel in stupidity against the evil elite educated. Tear down American education. This is how to be a Republican hero today and for the foreseeable future.

Be a poor sport loser.

Bush’s Czars

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More of this please, Democrats. Show how utterly stupid Glenn Beck really is.

Teen Pregnancies Highest In Religious Southern States

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No surprise. Abstinence is nice and all, but it just isn’t helpful to those who choose to have sex. They still get pregnant.

Fox News Punk’d By ACORN “Lowlife”

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Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of these idiots at Fox News thought they scored, but alas got pie in their faces.

Wall Street Journal Calls For Special Prosecutor

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to investigate Obama and ACORN. Yes. Not to investigate spying on Americans. Not to investigate the illegal use of torture. Not to investigate whether our president lied to take us to war.

See, conservatives love that government spies on Americans. Conservatives love that their government tortures prisoners. Conservatives love that their government lies to them about war. But don’t you dare have any connections to an otherwise insignificant group that helps poor people, or they’ll demand an investigation into every single nook and cranny.

The whole point of this kind of stupidity is to wear down the Obama administration just as they did with the Clinton administration and Whitewater. Yes, the Wall Street Journal was at the lead in pushing all that crap. Whitewater of course went nowhere. But Whitewater held an operating investigator free to constantly investigate any and every other thing of the White House no matter if it didn’t have anything at all to do with Whitewater. The whole point was to constantly cast doubt on the ability of the White House to do its job, so that Republicans could present to the public that the Clinton White House was ineffectual at its job, and thus use that to win elections.

No one who is smart should really take the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages seriously. They’ve shown themselves time and time again that they don’t wish to be taken seriously.

Is the LDS Church In Its Rights To Shut Down A Dissenting View In Sacrament Meeting?

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Something about this just doesn’t seem very healthy to me. On a personal level, this man’s view or even testimony is no threat to me or my testimony. Nor is the truthfulness of the Gospel a threat by him sharing his dissenting views with a political move by the church as an organization. Is Sacrament Meeting so sacred a place that no politics should be discussed therein? Or just politics that the church approves of? Because, clearly politics are discussed from the pulpit in sacrament meeting. They are discussed in General Conference by the leadership of the Church. I linked in my earlier post of President David O McKay actually recommending during General Conference that church members read an extremist polemicist, Cleon Skousen. Something seems wrong to me about this.

W. Cleon Skousen and Glenn Beck

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Two peas in a pod I can’t believe people are dumb enough to listen to either of these two men. Then again, Skousen has deceived the very elite Mormons. Here is Ezra Taft Benson:

Communism, Socialism… hmmm, what does Glenn Beck talk about all the time about Obama? And of course David O. McKay:

“Well, the era through which we are passing is no exception. On the flyleaf of the book, The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen, we find this quotation, (and I admonish everybody to read that excellent book of Chief Skousen’s) : ‘the conflict between communism and freedom is the problem of our time. It overshadows all other problems. This conflict mirrors our age, its toils, its tensions, its troubles, and its tasks. On the outcome of this conflict depends the future of mankind.”

– Prophet David O. McKay, Conference Report, Oct. 1959, p. 5

And wouldn’t you know it, it looks like W. Cleon Skousen was racist too. He wrote a textbook for the state of California which had the following:

Angry state legislators have demanded that Gov. George Deukmejian dismiss his appointees to California’s Bicentennial Commission for approving for sale a history textbook that includes an essay on slavery that refers to black children as ”pickaninnies” and says that the ”constant fear of slave rebellion” made life for Southern whites ”a nightmare.”

Other sections present a picture of the white slave owner as victimized by malingering blacks who shirked their duties and left their owners with a costly burden of supporting them and their numerous offspring, concluding that ”slave owners were the worst victims of the system.”

Mr. Allen said that while he ”acknowledges the concerns” of the book’s critics, he did ”not share those concerns.” He said he felt ”comfortable” with the book because he had worked with the author, W. Cleon Skousen, and considered him a friend.

Oh, the plight of the Southern white man. Let’s see, who else sees the white man a victim… oh yes, who could forget

The Mormons of the 1960s-1970s were smart enough to realize how poisonous W. Cleon Skousen was. Are the Mormons of the 2000s as smart? Why would anyone do anything to Skousen’s books except throw them in the garbage where they belong?

Lou Dobbs, No Different Than Glenn Beck

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Both insane lunatics.

The Stupidity of Conservatives

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Laid out so beautifully. They make a mistake, repeat it over and over and over, and then in the end, blame the media. They really are stupid.

Joe Wilson Is A Liar

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But no one is surprised about that.

Ayn Rand – At the Heart of Modern Conservatism

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Well written review of two new books that highlight the insanity that is Ayn Rand and her silly Objectivism. Surely my Mormon compatriots who adore Rand might start to think twice when they learn of this:

Sex and romance loomed unusually large in Rand’s worldview. Objectivism taught that intellectual parity is the sole legitimate basis for romantic or sexual attraction. Coincidentally enough, this doctrine cleared the way for Rand–a woman possessed of looks that could be charitably described as unusual, along with abysmal personal hygiene and grooming habits–to seduce young men in her orbit. Rand not only persuaded Branden, who was twenty-five years her junior, to undertake a long-term sexual relationship with her, she also persuaded both her husband and Branden’s wife to consent to this arrangement. (They had no rational basis on which to object, she argued.) But she prudently instructed them to keep the affair secret from the other members of the Objectivist inner circle.

At some point, inevitably, the arrangement began to go very badly. Branden’s wife began to break down–Rand diagnosed her with “emotionalism,” never imagining that her sexual adventures might have contributed to the young woman’s distraught state. Branden himself found the affair ever more burdensome and grew emotionally and sexually withdrawn from Rand. At one point Branden suggested to Rand that a second affair with another woman closer to his age might revive his lust. Alas, Rand–whose intellectual adjudications once again eerily tracked her self-interest–determined that doing so would “destroy his mind.” He would have to remain with her. Eventually Branden confessed to Rand that he could no longer muster any sexual attraction for her, and later that he actually had undertaken an affair with another woman despite Rand’s denying him permission. After raging at Branden, Rand excommunicated him fully. The two agreed not to divulge their affair. Branden told his followers only that he had “betrayed the principles of Objectivism” in an “unforgiveable” manner and renounced his role within the organization.

Rand’s inner circle turned quickly and viciously on their former superior. Alan Greenspan, a cherished Rand confidant, signed a letter eschewing any future contact with Branden or his wife. Objectivist students were forced to sign loyalty oaths, which included the promise never to contact Branden, or to buy his forthcoming book or any future books that he might write. Rand’s loyalists expelled those who refused these orders, and also expelled anyone who complained about the tactics used against dissidents. Some of the expelled students, desperate to retain their lifeline to their guru, used pseudonyms to re-enroll in the courses or re-subscribe to her newsletter. But many just drifted away, and over time the Rand cult dwindled to a hardened few.

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