Glenn Beck – an Insincere Faker

October 3, 2009 at 4:07 pm | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

Remember, he is a Morning Zoo DJ by trade. He is a charlatan who is bamboozling otherwise honest, though ignorant folk.



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  1. Congratulations, Daniel, on unmasking Glenn Beck and exposing his “evil” photo shoot with GQ!!

    Perhaps you were disappointed that Alan Rapoport didn’t upgrade his package like he did for Al Gore? Or perhaps you just have such a deep-seated hatred for Glenn Beck that you are willing to mock or degrade him at every turn?

    Please, explain to me why the photographer was “evil” to suggest that Glenn Beck Vicks to simulate tears for what appeared to be a “fun” photo shoot where Beck decided to make fun of himself? Your criticism of this photo shoot is misplaced and lacks any context or connection to his radio or TV show. Either make the connection, or move on.

  2. Chris,

    Did I say anywhere that the photographer was evil? I said Beck is a charlatan. He’s a faker. He’s a joker. He says so himself, yet we are to take him seriously. I merely point out that his tears are fake. They’re not real. Because he is fake. He should not be taken seriously by anyone.

  3. I came to your blog since it was linked to the fHM blog.

    When Beck was on “The View” he openly admitted that he doesn’t check facts and he’s not a news reporter. Why anyone takes this clown, Mormon or not, serious I will never know. He’s a carnival barker and an instigator.

    • Interesting Marisa that Glen has brought up things that ANY one can look up, I am one of those people who listen to Glen, share his concerns BUT I Check my facts . What is fact about you is that you are going to wake up in the country that is no longer yours someday and wonder what the hell happened

  4. Terri,

    Anyone can look it up. After all, it’s only asking questions. Nothing at all wrong with that, right?

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