Glenn Beck’s Got Some Serious Issues Man

October 16, 2009 at 1:48 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

What the hell was this?

I mean, we all wax nostalgic for our youth. Good memories imprinted in our minds bring great joy when recalled. What the hell time is he wishing we hearken back to? The clips he showed were from the 1980s. Cold War. Culture wars and high taxes and high unemployment. How about the 1970s? Terrible decade for America. Just finished the worst war we ever fought, highly divisive. Terrible inflation. The 1960s? More culture wars, highly divisive. Not that good for the conservatives of the day. The 1950s? Maybe that’s the decade he refers to going back to. After all, a Republican was in charge, one who didn’t like mess things up like the Republican presidents to follow Ike. But, well, one problem with going back to the 1950s. Taxation levels back then were awfully high. See, that generation of Americans actually felt responsible and were willing to be taxed high in order to pay their debt, the huge war fought a decade earlier. So, I highly doubt Beck is referring to the 50s. Maybe the 1940s? Big war, lots of people killed. Maybe not. The 1930s? Heh, Beck hearkening back to the days of FDR? No way in hell. The 1920s? Great decade for the filthy rich, not so much for the rest of the country.

What period exactly is Beck referring to when Americans were united in some common causes? The only thing Americans were united in was the creation of America. Otherwise, we’ve been at each others’ throats the whole rest of the time. So does Beck wish to return back to 1776? I’ll tell you, if he is afraid of the Swine Flu now, he’s gonna have real issues with his health in 1776.


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  1. A reader at Andrew Sullivan’s blog notes:

    According to Wikipedia, in 1979, the date of the commercial that made Glenn Beck cry, his mother drowned in a mysterious boating accident. His parents had divorced in 1977 and he then had to move to a different town to live with his father. His step-brother subsequently committed suicide. Keep those apparent facts in mind and watch the Youtube clip again.

  2. He must be thinking about his good old days of drugs and alcohol abuse…he is such a dry drunk.

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