Americans Under Threat From Catholic Church

November 13, 2009 at 10:08 am | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Wasn’t this kind of persecution one of the founding reasons why people fled Europe for America? Where people can be free from religious persecution? Look at this story carefully. The city of Washington DC wants to pass a same sex marriage law, and the Catholic Church is threatening to shut all its social services in the city if it does so. Not because the Catholic Church would be forced to marry gays. Not because the Catholic Church would be forced to give up its tax exempt status. Not because the Catholic Church is in any way threatened from existing ever again in DC. But simply because the Catholic Church does not like the law.

Frankly, I say good riddance. This is the kind of religious abuse people fled Europe for long ago. The Catholic Church, of course, does not realize that by closing its social service doors, it opens a vacuum for competitors (like, say, the Mormon church), or more socialist programs. Surely the Catholic Church is against socialism. Which is the greater priority, boys? Socialism or gay rights? This of course differs from the Mormon Church which has issued support for a similar type measure in Utah (not gay marriage, but equal rights under the law for gays, which is a step in that direction, and which would affect gay workers for the LDS Church).


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  1. “Surely the Catholic Church is against socialism.”

    Actually they are pretty friendly towards socialism.

  2. Moderation? WTF?

  3. honestly, don’t know why it went to moderation.

  4. I thought the LDS Church was exempting from ensuring equal employment/housing rights for gays in UT because religious organisations can opt out of the SLC ruling. At least the RC Church is apparently being a little more upfront about it, sadly.

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