Republicans Have Lost Their Sense of The Rule of Law

November 14, 2009 at 12:58 pm | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments

Bill Kristol

“I was very struck also by Janet Napolitano’s comment, I hadn’t read it before to see her say that, that the number one priority is to bring [Hasan] to justice is such a knee-jerk comment and such a stupid comment. He’s going to be brought to justice. He is not going to be innocent of murder. There are a lot of eyewitnesses to that. They should just go ahead and convict him and put him to death,” – William Kristol, appearing on Fox News.

Fascism from its true source: conservatism.


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  1. Once again, making analogies that are simplistic at best. Facism’s source is any view that puts the rights of the “state” above that of the individual, or the idea that the state is the important actor, and individuals exist to further its aims. There isnt a liniar graph that goes from Socialism to Facism. Its more like Anarchy, Libertarianism, Democracy, Social Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Facism (this is not all inclusive and a rough representation).

    Conservatism shares certain core values that are similar to that of libertarianism; The subordinance of the state to the individual.

  2. Scott,

    Sorry dude, but you’ve got it wrong. Don’t listen to Goldberg. The man is an idiot and does not know what he is talking about. Fascism is a strongly conservative ideology that has its roots in conservative thought. Conservatism does not share its core values with that of libertarianism. You’d like to think that. But then you should stop calling yourself conservative and call yourself libertarian. It would be more descriptive if you actually believe that the state ought to be subordinate to the individual. That’s not conservatism though.

  3. Daniel,

    I never stated that Conservatism shares it core values with Libertarianism. Certain values (I dont see many conservatives advocating less restriction on narcotics etc…)
    I also think you need to dust you college textbooks off, and take another look. Facism is defined as where the individual does not exist outside of the state. An individual exists only as it is useful to the state.
    Communism is essentually a lesser form of Facism.
    I’m not sure where you are going with your criticism of this, as it is a generally accepted model.

  4. that’s because it is not a generally accepted model. Noting your appalling lack of history, I cannot give you the benefit of the doubt anymore and will require you to back up your statements. Show me where it is a generally accepted model that communism is a lesser form of fascism. And the author cannot be conservative in any way shape or form. That author will have no legitimacy in my eyes. That’s how far off the deep end I see conservatism has gone.

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