Republicans Want To Dissolve the State of California Rather Than Increase Taxes

November 16, 2009 at 9:46 am | Posted in American politics | 4 Comments


“I looked as hard as I could at how states could declare bankruptcy,” said Michael Genest, director of the California Department of Finance who is stepping down at the end of the year. “I literally looked at the federal constitution to see if there was a way for states to return to territory status.”

You don’t have to look so hard dude. Just raise the taxes. That raises your revenue. That pays your bills. What a stupid moron.


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  1. You cant just raise taxes. State taxes have to be approoved by state legislature (the people who are elected by the masses, who dont want tax increases. They want cake and a full belly).

    Anytime a government does this they are usually voted out come the next election (which is why it would be hard for said legislature to aproove a tax increase), and the suceeding government promptly ends the tax increase to further cement its position.

    Anyway, the people of California need to realize the plight of the welfare state. You can have social programs or low taxes, not both. Every one wants their piece of the pie, but no-one wants to pay for it. So, either cut programs, or raise taxes.

  2. “You cant just raise taxes”

    Actually you can. It’s very easy. You propose a legislation that raises taxes and then you vote on it and then you get the governor to sign it. It’s really not that hard.

    “Anytime a government does this they are usually voted out come the next election ”

    Do you really know history, Scott? You’re spewing out the conservative propaganda when actual reality is vastly different. Governments that increase taxes are not “usually voted out” in the next election. You seem to have completely forgotten that Ronald Reagan raised taxes! Yet he was given another term. Truman raised taxes. Eisenhower raised taxes. Hell, under Eisenhower, the richest Americans were taxed at 90%! Yet they didn’t vote him out. They gave him a second term.

    Come back here when you purge the propaganda from your system and you are ready to talk actual reality.

  3. I like how you equate being fiscally sensible with being a social conservative. Gladly you are incorrect.
    I also like how you equate national policy with state.
    Why dont you call your local rep to the state legislature and let him in on your amazing idea.
    Raising taxes is extremely unpopular among demographics that actually vote.
    Truman wasnt re-elected. Eisenhower wasnt re-elected, and Confiscatory Taxation might have been party why. You might want to restructure your criticism, because im not some Reagan Democrat, or Republican.
    You also might want to consider cutting spending as a viable option to saving money.

  4. Scott,

    dude truly you need to reread your history without a conservative lens. Truman was indeed re-elected. That was the 1948 election. See, he was president from 1945 to 1948 because he was the vice president when Roosevelt died. So he became the legitimate president for the remainder of the term. He was then re-elected in a battle against Dewey (which had the infamous paper that made the wrong call—a conservative paper—making the wrong call much like you are). 🙂

    And Eisenhower? Dude, when do you think Eisenhower was president? Who was president before Eisenhower? Who was president after Eisenhower? Where were you in fourth grade when we covered this? You must not be smarter than a fifth grader. Seriously. My derision for you will increase because of this. This is highly unacceptable that you are this ignorant of history.

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