Cheney Upset That Obama Respects Other World Leaders

November 24, 2009 at 7:44 am | Posted in American politics | 5 Comments

The former vice president is an idiot and can go fuck himself.


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  1. Dan, the language, I’d say you’d been hanging around me too much.

    Two comments on the hermaphrodite capabiliites of the former VP:

    1. I went on my mission to Japan and his comments show a complete misunderstanding of Oriental culture and attitudes. To the Japanese, Obama came across as respectful, wise and a true leader. Only to hicks in Wyoming who ain’t goin’ to bow to no man was it a sign of weakness.

    2. Later on in the article you linked to, Cheney was again illustrating the Republican disrespect for the rule of law. Where are Beck, O’Reily and Hannity — and Scalia and Thomas for that matter — jumping up and down saying that the Founding Fathers demanded trial by jury, speedy trials, habeas corpus, right to confront and cross examine witnesses? I think it was in the Bill of Rights they wrote down what they spilled revolutionary blood for. The only reason I can see for Cheney not wanting the terrorists to talk is because they will illustrate his own terroristic behavior. Ignoring the Constitution is also a breach of his oath he took as the Vice President, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean much to him either.

    In conclusion, he’s too dumb to fuck himself.

  2. Dan, the language, I’d say you’d been hanging out around me too long.

    I’d attempted to post this earlier, so if it duplicates delete one of the comments. I duplicated your f-bomb at the end and it may have self-destructed in cyber-space.

    Two comments on the hermaphrodite capabilities of the former VP:

    1. I spent some time in Japan — a year and a half to be exact — Konnichi Wa — and the VP’s remarks show a complete ignorance of Japanese culture and attitudes. This was prevalent throughout the Bush Administration — the inability to see things in a way different from the Wyoming hick’s “I ain’t bowin’ to no slant eye” or the worse deprecations of the Muslim culture. Obama’s bow didn’t show weakness in the Oriental eye, it showed power, respect and in some very real ways, healed some unspoken, but deep seated wounds in both the American and Japanese culture. To the Japanese the fact that Obama is from Hawaii carries some historical significance. See Dan’s Wolf Blitzer post on how the lack of history knowledge affects our current political commentary.

    2. Too long winded, sorry. Dan’s earlier post on the Republican’s lack of respect for the rule of law also shows up in Cheney’s comments when he is saying the terrorists shouldn’t get a trial. Where is O’Reily, Beck and Hannity — Scalia and Thomas, for that matter — saying the Founding Fathers demanded trial by jury, right to confront and cross examine witnesses and speedy, public trials and even spilled Revolutionary blood over those concepts? The Constitutional disrespect sickens me.

    So in response to your original post Dan, I think Cheney lacks all the requisite parts of humanity to carry out your command, but it is a nice thought.

  3. the f-word will put your comment directly in spam. I get to swear on my blog but I don’t let others do so. Your particular point was fine enough to allow it. The reason I say Cheney can go fuck himself has to do with what he said to Senator Leahy on the Senate floor. Do you remember that?

  4. Bless your heart, you don’t need to emphasize anything with Cheney, he kind of speaks for himself much louder, if you know what I mean.

  5. I do believe that he requested Senator Leahy to perform the same type of acrobatics in your original post . . .

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