Sarah Palin Wants Obama To Acknowledge The Troops

November 24, 2009 at 3:29 pm | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

ah, the sneering arrogance

“There’s been a lack of acknowledgement by our president in understanding what it is that the American military provides in terms of, obviously, the safety, the security of our country,” Palin said during an interview with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren. “I want him to acknowledge the sacrifices that these individual men and women — our sons, our daughters, our moms, our dads, our brothers and sisters — are providing this country to keep us safe.”

Now that’s some serious disrespect for the president, who after all, has acknowledged the sacrifice of our troops at both Fort Hood and at Dover. It shows the utter ignorance that defines Sarah Palin. It’s also an attempt by her to be domineering and controlling over Obama. The moment Obama acknowledges troops anytime in the future, she’ll go out and say “good, now go do this too while you’re at it, boy.” I guess that’s what conservative white folks like to do with black men. Andrew Sullivan adds:

But of course, the reality is not what matters. What matters is attacking the president of the United States as a traitor to his own soldiers. And what is in the interest of those soldiers? More war, of course. And no presidential analysis of strategy – just being “tough” and adopting maximalist interventionism.

The likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck do not see Obama as a legitimate president. I bet you that if they were to write history books, they would simply go from the 43rd president being George Bush to the 44th president being whoever follows after Obama. They would love nothing more than to see a Honduran style military coup in America. Let me remind you again of Beck desiring that Obama be overthrown.

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are about as anti-American as you can get these days.


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  1. I’m in love with your blog officially, probably an unrequited and unreciprocal love affair, but I’m in love nonetheless.

    I agree that it is unAmerican. Just one more addition to your post — You never saw George Bush saluting caskets — that is disrespecting the troops in my opinion.

  2. His honoring our troops at Fort Hood and Dover was meaningful, but you all forget that in both the Illinois and US Senate, Barack Obama, our elected POTUS, either authored or co-sponsored significant legislation which improved veterans’ benefits, increased the care wounded vets received on returning home from Iraq & Afganistan, helped get homeless vets off the streets and into jobs, increased awareness and therapies provided for returning vets withe PTDS, recognized the role of families in rehabilitating wounded soldiers…AND in 2008 aggressively supported the GI Bill and defended its valor ragainst the objections of John McCain, the White House and Republicans in the Congress, who claimed it was “too generous” to our troops.

    How dare Sarah Palin take ignorant cheap shots at a man who history proves has always honored the sacrifice and dedication of our troops? What has she done, other than politically exploit their existence during her book-selling stopover?

    Let’s also not forget that in 2008 the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Obama a B+ grade for his legislative support…..and a D to John McCain, Sarah’s team mate!

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