Thomas Friedman: Islam Needs A Civil War Like America’s

December 16, 2009 at 3:50 pm | Posted in American politics | Leave a comment

Are you kidding me?

Only Arabs and Muslims can fight the war of ideas within Islam. We had a civil war in America in the mid-19th century because we had a lot of people who believed bad things — namely that you could enslave people because of the color of their skin. We defeated those ideas and the individuals, leaders and institutions that propagated them, and we did it with such ferocity that five generations later some of their offspring still have not forgiven the North.

Islam needs the same civil war. It has a violent minority that believes bad things: that it is O.K. to not only murder non-Muslims — “infidels,” who do not submit to Muslim authority — but to murder Muslims as well who will not accept the most rigid Muslim lifestyle and submit to rule by a Muslim caliphate.

What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Has he not seen enough Muslims killed? Has there not been enough violence in Muslim countries?

Secondly, speaking of America’s Civil War, Mr. Friedman says we defeated those reprehensible ideas. Really? You mean that four year war ended slavery and discrimination against blacks? You mean blacks were suddenly treated normally? What the fuck planet are you on Mr. Friedman? And you want to put Muslims through a similar torture machine? Note how much Mr. Friedman just doesn’t get it. He says we defeated the South, but because we did it with such ferocity, five generations later, the offspring have not forgiven the North. Exactly how does that analogy help the Muslim world?

Furthermore, does Mr. Friedman really think the ideas that propagated the South have been discredited simply because of the war? Does he even know about the Ron Paul “Tenther” types who say the Civil War was all about state rights, and that the South had the right position? There sure are a hell of a lot of people these days who believe the South’s ideological positions. It seems the Civil War was not enough to utterly destroy that ideology. So how exactly is this a promising example to share with Islam?

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