American Christian Terrorists

January 31, 2010 at 6:44 am | Posted in American politics | 6 Comments

That’s what they are and that’s what they should be called. They are nothing but terrorists. And this whole issue over abortion will get worse before it gets better, sadly. America’s Right loves its own terrorists too much.

Ouch! The Stupid! It Burns!

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Our modern political discourse. And people complain when I call Republicans/conservatives stupid.

Peggy Noonan: Scott Brown “Looks Like An American”

January 19, 2010 at 6:59 pm | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

what the hell does that mean? He “looks like an American?” Does that mean that someone who doesn’t look like Scott Brown is not an American? Like, say, Barack Obama? Note that none of the other commentators there even bat an eyelash at this stupid comment. They all agree. After all, they’re white, and Scott Brown looks like them.

A Must Read on Torture and Murder at Guantanamo Bay Prison

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A blight upon the morals of the United States of America.

Harold Ford, New York State’s Senator?

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I’m just taking a wild guess that some New Yorkers might have issues with someone who wishes to represent them parading himself in front of the Confederate flag, particularly an African American. He’s also getting paid $1 million for “work” at Bank of America (who knows exactly what he does for that $1 million annual salary—though one can certainly surmise it had something to do with him voting for the bankruptcy bill that was such a boon to banks, or maybe services to be rendered in the future on behalf of banks were he to become Senator). and according to this highly revealing interview with the New York Times, Mr. Ford seems to not quite get just how out of touch he is with regular voters in New York. He can’t answer a simple question like “Jets or Giants.” Or if he even visited the outer boroughs of New York City! His answer was that he once took a helicopter. It landed on Staten Island. So see, he visited the Outer Boroughs. My goodness!

Have you traveled all five boroughs?

A. I will tell you what I did. I was able to do it. Kelly had a — Chief Kelly, Commissioner Kelly — invited, I guess, business people in the city, including Sir. Harold Evans, in my group. We spent the afternoon with the special operations force, and so I had the chance to helicopter to various areas in the boroughs. The only place I have not spent considerable time is Staten Island.

Q. Have you been to Staten Island?

A. I landed there in the helicopter, so I can say yes.


Q. Jets or Giants?

A. I had breakfast about every morning when I am in town, or I should say, several mornings, at the Regency. I see my friends the Tisches. Steve Tisch is my close personal friend. I have been to more Giants games. I spent the holidays, I had lunch over the holidays with Woody Johnson. We met for the first time. I am happy for his team.

oh, and he doesn’t shoot children

Q. Guns. Let’s talk about this issue.

A: I never got an A rating, like my opponent — would-be opponent — has enjoyed. I don’t own them. I do shoot them, and I shoot them at things that can’t shoot back. And will continue to do that. And by that, I want to be clear, I don’t mean children. I have done a little bird hunting in my day.

New Yorkers should be pleased about that.

Why Harry Reid Should Go

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Because he only now figures out that it was a waste of time to try and deal with Olympia Snowe. Really Harry?

“As I look back it was a waste of time dealing with [Snowe],” Reid is quoted as saying about the White House in a forthcoming New York Times Magazine piece, “because she had no intention of ever working anything out.”

You need to get out more, Harry. You’re clearly not capable of seeing the, uh, elephant in the room. NO FREAKING REPUBLICAN WILL SUPPORT THIS HEALTH CARE BILL!!!!! Did it really only dawn on you now? Near the end? I think you need to follow Chris Dodd into retirement after this health care bill is done.

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