This Is About the Dumbest Statement From Senator Brown

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The new Senator from Massachusetts

I came to Washington to be an independent voice, to put politics aside, and to do everything in my power to help create jobs for Massachusetts families. This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I voted for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work.
I was disappointed with the continuation of politics-as-usual in the drafting of this bill, as it was crafted behind closed doors, without transparency and accountability. I hope for improvements in that process going forward. All of us, Republicans and Democrats, have to work together to get our economy back on track. I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington.

He’s got some really stupid constituency if he has to state that every time he decides to say something. I mean, it’s factually wrong and of course brings up the point, why would he vote for it if he thought it was poorly created?

Stop Using Air Strikes

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because they are clearly undermining your overall objective. Don’t you guys in the military realize this? Hello, Mr Dr General Petraeus. You’ve got a phD dude. You’re a smart guy. Do you not see that the constant use of air strikes is undermining your overall objective? The more civilians you kill, the more you lose. Stop the air strikes.

Republicans are Stupid

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Nice catch

Remember this from John Boehner and Eric Cantor, in a letter to Rahm Emanuel dated Feb. 8?

If the President intends to present any kind of legislative proposal at this discussion, will he make it available to members of Congress and the American people at least 72 hours beforehand?Our ability to move forward in a bipartisan way through this discussion rests on openness and transparency.

Different times, different circumstances, I guess, today:

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) criticized the White House’s plan to post a health care reform proposal online, just days before the upcoming health care summit. “You know, apparently we’re going to be there most of the day and have an opportunity to have a lot of discussion,” said McConnell. “But if they’re going lay out the plan they want to pass four days in advance, then why are — what are we discussing on Thursday?”

Why can’t we have a better press corps to catch this kind of bullshit?

Tea Party People Are Terrorists

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Yep, they wish to do violence against America’s democratically elected representatives.

These people are fucking insane. They are America’s terrorists.

American Conservatives Side With America’s Terrorists

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Sick bastards.

This Would Be A Case of American Terrorism

February 19, 2010 at 12:31 am | Posted in American politics | 13 Comments

Just so we’re clear on this. A man angry at the government flies an airplane into a building operated by the government with government employees with the intent to kill them. This is terrorism. This is done by a guy who watches Fox News and Glenn Beck. Just so we’re clear on where the rhetoric of Glenn Beck goes. To violence against the innocent.


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Once again, fear is being used to keep Americans in line.

America’s top intelligence official told lawmakers on Tuesday that he was “highly certain” that Al Qaeda or one of its affiliates would attempt a large-scale attack on American soil within the next six months.

Should we come back to the boy who cries wolf after the Friedman Unit is over? I mean, seriously. Is anyone surprised that the United States is at threat of a non-state actor wishing to do us harm? It’s really not that hard. We’re a very open and free society. I’m honestly surprised that al-Qaeda hasn’t yet tried a Timothy McVeigh type event. Or heck, our fear is so ripe, and our shopping malls so free and open, why not just pretend to attack us at a shopping mall. You don’t even have to actually kill anyone. The mere threat drives Americans insane with fear.

Our leaders have been failing at painting a bright sunny future for our country. Instead, we are told to see war for the foreseeable future. What a fucking bleak future that is! Even speeches that extol the exceptionalism of the United States of America have a dark weight hidden beneath that drags it down, like listening to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet. His music deftly interweaves the dread you know is coming even in the brightest, most liveliest sections.

I’m truly saddened that we’re so fucking afraid of a silly, stupid cave dweller like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, treating him as if he were Magneto. HE’S NOT MAGNETO! He’s a stupid man, but our fears have let him get inside our heads and have truly fucked with our minds. And Osama Bin Laden? Not even other Arabs listen to him anymore. Why the fuck should we?

Fear is the mind killer.

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