States Rights

March 17, 2010 at 6:06 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

ah, the loophole of all loopholes rears its ugly head again. Because conservatives hate liberals and liberals’ push to help Americans by reforming health care, they’ve decided to be “tenthers” and claim states don’t have to obey federal laws and regulations.

Fair enough.

Now, stop receiving money from the federal government. You don’t like the federal government? Fine. Stop getting their money. Stand on your own. Watch how many states stop this stupidity.


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  1. For California, it would be a net positive to their state budget to “go rogue” and no longer have to send the Feds their money, only to get less of it back in return.

  2. If the States were to do as you ask they would find much happiness in the fact that they no longer have to be slaves to others by way of confiscation of wages to pay for people in other States.

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