Fire General McChrystal

June 22, 2010 at 7:04 am | Posted in American politics | 26 Comments

Fire the bastard.


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  1. Because he disrespected your precious Obama…

  2. because he disrespected the president of the United States while a general fighting a war against our enemies. Fire him.

  3. I agree with you, Daniel, Obama should fire McChrystal. Of course, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. McChrystal is the author of the current strategy in Afghanistan and firing him so close to implementing the plan jeopardizes Obama’s ability to move forward in the country. If he keeps McChrystal, he looks weak, but potentially makes gains in the Afghan war (I forget, did we actually declare war? Or is it just another expensive ‘police action’?)

    Personally, I think Obama should fire McChrystal and announce a gradual pull-out from Afghanistan. That would be a bold move.

  4. what? somebody disrespected the pres. while fighting our enemies? unheard of… Really, McChrystal made Obama look stupid and Obama had to do something to save face. It’s almost inevitable considering the weak civilian leadership from our “commander” in chief. Being a military man myself i’d suggest that perhaps the reason McChrystal has such little respect for the Obama administration would be worth looking into. That would of course require being willing to admit that Obama isn’t perfect… so, I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Obama is destroying our country.

  6. Worms,

    Because… Obama started the war in Afghanistan? Or Iraq? Because… the previous administration ran their wars so effectively? what kind of reason would any military leader have of thinking Obama is weak when compared to the last president? The mind simply boggles dude. This is utterly ridiculous.

  7. it’s Obamas war now, dude. How about Obama not even meeting with McChrystal for like what 100 days? Obama taking forever to give McChrystal a fraction of the additional troops he requires to win over there, the civilian leadership wasn’t backing McChrystal up… McChrystal is a smart dude when it comes to fighting unconventional warfare, he’s a straight shooter too when it comes to the facts, if he had a problem with the Obama administration then you can bet there was indeed a problem. Now hurry and look McChrystal up on wikipedia so you can have an answer when I inevitably tell you you don’t know anything about that guy. Hurry…

  8. It’s never been Obama’s war, just like Vietnam was never Nixon’s war.

  9. Then I guess he better end it. If he didn’t want to inherit that war he shouldn’t have ran for president. Pretty simple. He can’t throw his hands up and say “not my problem” Should he throw his hands up and say “not my problem” with the gulf oil spill because those rigs were in place before he got elected? No way, sport… it’s all about ownership and this guy is slackin… Sorry dude…

  10. dude,

    It’s not Obama’s war. It’s America’s war. It’s your war. It’s my war. It’s not Obama’s war because he did not start it. If he chooses strategies that escalate the war in order to find a way out, that doesn’t make it his war. You’re right. It’s about ownership. Own up, dude. It’s your war.

  11. well as far as I can tell youre not fighting it, that’s for sure…. but of ALL people the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the United States Armed Forces should either be 1. Fighting to win or 2. calling it quits and extracting American forces. I can’t honestly believe that the only comeback you can come up with is telling me, some random dude on the internet that the war is mine and not the president of the United States. Really? Is it the Do You Like Worms? military or is it the United States military? He inherited some tough conflicts when he became President but the past is the past it’s his problem now, and if he’s not man enough to do what needs to be done he should have never applied for the job. Really? It’s not his war? Dude, pull your head out of the sand… Youre not running it, i’m not running it… HE’S supposed to be running it.

  12. oh yeah, he’s running it. No doubt. But it’s not his war. He didn’t start it. He’s trying to finish it, but it’s not his.

  13. are you using the fact the he didn’t start it (but had a lot more to do with starting it than I did) as an excuse for him not being fully committed to the problem? That’s Lame-O chief.

  14. No. There’s a difference between being fully committed to a problem, and that problem being yours. The war in Afghanistan is not Obama’s war.

  15. I doubt you could articulate that supposed difference in a manner that even remotely approaches stark contrast.

    for all intents and purposes the statment “that’s not my problem” implies less than full commitment. Quit making excuses.

  16. why are you so intent on calling it Obama’s war, except to try and drag him in the mud of his predecessor. I’m calling bullshit.

  17. “It’s not Obama’s war. It’s America’s war. It’s your war. It’s my war.” your words…

    so if I understand you correctly the only one who gets a free pass on it not being “their war” is Obama, who happens to be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. That makes a lot of sense.

  18. dude, this is childish. This war is America’s war. Obama is an American. It is therefore his war too. But it’s not HIS war. If you honestly can’t get that, don’t comment here anymore.

  19. so if I say it’s his war without the caps youre not going to freak out?

  20. I told you this is only politics.

  21. I thought it was semantics?

  22. It is. It’s about laying the war at Obama’s feet when that’s just not reality.

  23. so…. You want Bush to come back and run it I guess?

  24. no. I want Obama to end what Bush couldn’t.

  25. So would you say you want Obama to take full responsibility for management of the war since the start of his presidency?

  26. yep, because he is the commander in chief. But it’s not his war. Leave this alone now dude.

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