Make Israel Sign the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

July 3, 2010 at 5:15 pm | Posted in American politics | 11 Comments

This is a good step in the right direction. Demand Israel be a part of the rest of the community and have its nuclear weapons declared.

The biggest worry is that Israel, with its allies in America, will undermine the Obama presidency, maybe even actively work to remove it from power here in America. After all, the status of its nuclear weapons is of vital security to Israel. Will it allow an American president to dictate or force its hands on the matter, or will they, with their allies in America, destroy the American presidency? After all, America must adhere to whatever Israel says, no matter how much it undermines America’s security. And it needs to be absolutely clear: Israel’s nuclear ambiguity is a threat to American interests and military in the Middle East. No realist ought to be kidding himself or herself about this point. The question then is, will America regain its independence once more from its new master?


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  1. Sorry I caused you pain, Dan. I feel entirely differently about you. In a good, Seinfield way. No lie.

    I suppose you’re right about Israel.

  2. Why are Israels nuclear weapons diametrically opposed to American security?

  3. who said Israel’s nuclear weapons are “diametrically” opposed to American security?

  4. you did.

  5. No, I didn’t. But you’re a stupid conservative. I shouldn’t expect you are able to understand normal English words.

  6. that’s really mature. I guess I could cut and paste your entire post into my response. But what’s the point.

  7. the point would be that your analysis of my post is faulty, like most conservative thinking.

  8. actually the point gets lost in your childish tendency to steer the conversation off topic in an argument of semantics. I think the point should be: Little Danny needs to learn some manners, then the other kids might want to play with him more often. Ever notice that your blog isn’t exactly a hub of discussion? Think about it sport. I’d lose the purse and do something about the goatee too if I were you. Toodles.

  9. good riddance.

  10. now, to make clear where Worms was off in his reading of my post.

    He said

    Why are Israels nuclear weapons diametrically opposed to American security?

    I didn’t talk about Israel’s nuclear weapons. I talked about Israel’s nuclear ambiguity. I don’t mind Israel having nuclear weapons. The ambiguity is a threat to our interests and our military. Make Israel sign the non-nuclear proliferation treaty so as to remove this ambiguity. Let Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East know Israel doesn’t intend on possibly using those nuclear weapons on them, thus causing them to push for their own nuclear weapons.

    Now, Worms seems to have misread my comment (a normal attribute among conservatives), thinking that I believe Israel’s nuclear weapons are diametrically opposed to our security. They’re not. Worms ought to just go back and play in his Red State playpen until he grows up.

  11. Israel will never give up it’s nuclear weapons. And there is nothing these
    Israel’s haters can do about. As I write Israel is building more of them;
    and they are more lethal. ” Dogs bark but the caravan moves on “.


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