Little Sympathy for those in the Top 1% Earners in America

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Brad Delong does a nice job of explaining why someone who is earning $400,000 has little to complain about in living in America. I have little sympathy for this particular family.

Cristine O’Donnell: No Masturbation For You!

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I honestly cannot remember seeing this on MTV back in the day. Just one question for Ms. O’Donnell…how exactly do YOU know that masturbation requires lust if you don’t masturbate?

Actually Christine O’Donnell IS A Conservative

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The national Republicans are pulling out all the stops to try and derail Christine O’Donnell’s campaign in Delaware. I was amused by this little nugget. That’s an ex-aide to O’Donnell who says in a robocall that Christine O’Donnell is no conservative. Here’s the ex-aide’s reasoning, why she thinks O’Donnell is no conservative:

“I got into politics because I believe in conservative values and wanted to make a difference. But I was shocked to learn that O’Donnell is no conservative,” says Murray, according to a script obtained by POLITICO.

“This is her third Senate race in five years. As O’Donnell’s manager, I found out she was living on campaign donations – using them for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt,” she says.

Perhaps the most biting line in the call delivered by Murray: “She wasn’t concerned about conservative causes. O’Donnell just wanted to make a buck.”

heh, uh…actually that IS a conservative. Wanting to make a buck (Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck best typify this). Piling up thousands in debt? Does this really need to be explained in that much detail? Christine O’Donnell is very much a conservative, the real kind. Not the fake facade they put up on TV. The real conservative wants to make a buck and piles up thousands (and billions and trillions) in debt. That’s today’s conservatism. Don’t be fooled otherwise.

Ayn Rand Capitalism

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on display

Giving in to Christian Terrorists

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This man, Jones, down in Florida is a terrorist. Give in to him and terrorists win. Don’t do it, Imam Rauf. Don’t take his bait.

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck Look to Make Money on 9/11

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not that you’ll be surprised about this, but the two charlatans are looking to get your money on an event on September 11.

The Conservative Lie on Ronald Reagan

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I’m reading an interesting piece on a conservative filmmaker who is releasing a polemic this fall. Nothing too eye-catching about it. More power to him. But there is yet another example of the conservative lie on Ronald Reagan. From the Times:

While working on those projects, however, Mr. Griggs said he became alarmed by what he saw as runaway spending in Washington, and so decided the documentary would come first.

Runaway spending in Washington. It’s typical conservative propaganda. Nothing unique, except that this Mr. Griggs has created a documentary (can it really be a documentary if it is not factually based? Is it not a propaganda piece instead?) that supposedly highlights “small government.”

The tone of the film, which Mr. Griggs directed and helped write, is a little softer than that of those three conservative commentators. Its central argument is a straightforward case for the virtues of smaller government and the futility of efforts to redistribute wealth. But its charm, if that word can apply to political documentary, comes from computer-generated animations in which bobbing-headed political figures, designed by Tom Richmond of Mad Magazine, try to school one another on the ins and outs of policy.

Animated politicians on both sides of the aisle — Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sarah Palin, the older and younger George Bushes — all take some good-natured hits. Ronald Reagan offers Mr. Obama a couple of jelly beans, but Mr. Obama figures he’s already entitled to half, and so on.

heh, good-natured hits…But here’s the thing. Ronald Reagan is NOT an example of small government. How can people claim otherwise? Just look at this beautiful graph:

and understand that Reaganomics increased our national debt from $900 million to nearly $3 trillion! That’s TRIPLING the national debt. Not only that, but the size of the federal government grew, particularly defense, under Reagan. That’s not small government. That’s BIG Government. Under the man conservatives now deify. They long for the days under Reagan. But they deny reality. Reagan was a big spender. Reagan also increased taxes. Reagan massively increased the size of the government, and Reagan TRIPLED our national debt.

In other words, the current conservative position vis a vis “small government” is built on lies, deception, and fraud. These are unsustainable. Essentially, they are selling Americans a false presentation, and once in office, will NOT be doing what they say, because in the end, they will follow Ronald Reagan into massive deficits and massive government. Americans should be smart enough to realize the stupidity of putting this Republican group back in power in Congress. But sadly, this will not happen. Americans’ memory is too short term, and they are distracted far more by local matters or by entertainment. We don’t need to oscillate back and forth between the two parties. One party should be put in minority status for a much longer period of time until they have finally purged the madness out of their system. That would be the Republican party, a sad shell of what it once used to be.

Turning Back to God

September 6, 2010 at 7:32 am | Posted in American politics | 2 Comments

Tea Partiers, like Glenn Beck, believe America needs to turn back to God. Several questions here. When did we turn away from God? Who is God in this scenario? Could someone follow God and remain politically liberal? Or is God the Republican Party?

Jay Bybee Hates Good Samaritans

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What an asshole.

Much Ado About Nothing

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um, the incoherence is astounding.

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