Cristine O’Donnell: No Masturbation For You!

September 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

I honestly cannot remember seeing this on MTV back in the day. Just one question for Ms. O’Donnell…how exactly do YOU know that masturbation requires lust if you don’t masturbate?


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  1. And to think that she could actually win. Check out my entry and the first comment I received:

  2. Funny. However, in Ms. O’Donnell’s defense…

    She won! Democrats everywhere should rejoice over this one. In mid-terms where there is a real threat of seeing Democrats lose control of Congress, the Republicans just gift wrapped and handed over an extremely precious Senate seat. The Republicans seem bound and determined to shoot themselves in the foot when they have the advantage (Sharron Angle). I would love nothing more than to have a hundred more candidates like O’Donnell.

    Second, I’m not a fan of this sort of gotcha journalism. It is, perhaps, the biggest reason I destest FAUX news so badly. If O’Donnell had campaigned on an anti-masturbation platform then this clip might have some relevance. But since she did not, it is irrelevant. They went back 14 years to find a clip of O’Donnell expressing her religious beliefs? (which really do not differ very much from things that Boyd K. Packer and Spencer W. Kimball have also said)

    I think there are plenty of other things where O’Donnell can be fairly criticized without resorting to this.

  3. Perhaps this is what motivated O’Donnell:


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