What Has Israel Done For The United States?

November 26, 2010 at 11:42 am | Posted in American politics | 1 Comment

The United States does a lot for Israel. Provides Israel with billions and billions of dollars to aid their economy. Billions and billions of dollars to aid their military. Holding back UN Security Council resolutions that would be severely detrimental to Israel. With all of this, we see evidence of Israel getting what it wants from the US. For example:

That’s rather arrogant for Israel, whose existence relies strongly on the support of the United States. So a question for anyone reading this blog: what has Israel done for the United States? Or is this supposed to be a one way street, and we’re subservient to the whims and demands of the Israelis?

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  1. Israel recognizes that the (puritan) judeo-christian heritage of the United States fully supports recognition of the only documentation which provides any evidence of the the reason for it’s existence: A land claim that is supported in word-of-mouth mythology known as the Bible.

    That is, the only place when the land claim of the Israeli state can be established is through the religious texts common to judaism and christianity (technically, Islam and JCLDS as well). This is particularly tragic, as we routinely denigrate those people living in a war zone who disagree with the otherwise unsupported “proof” that a particular piece of land belongs to only a single nomadic tribe.

    To answer your question though, Israel doesn’t have to *do* anything for the U.S., they’re our “little sister” in the Middle East, helping to spread peace and goodwill amongst all the peoples living (and dying) there. They perpetrate atrocities against neighboring tribes at our behest and give us a foothold in the Middle East.

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