Sarah Palin’s Blood Libel

January 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm | Posted in American politics | 8 Comments

It’s not her that is saying it, it’s a concerted effort from the conservative “intellectual” crowd as well. They think they have a winner, that associating their ugly, charged violent rhetoric with the assassination attempt on Representative Giffords is equal to charging Jews with killing Christian children to use their blood for Jewish rituals. Yeah, I see the connection as well….in Bizzarro world. Where are the sensible conservatives to denounce such ugly rhetoric?


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  1. Not every use of “blood libel” means the blood libel. Here’s an article that illustrates the term used in political speech by both Republicans/Conservatives AND Democrats.

    Oh, and if you think that Conservatives are the only ones who use “ugly, charged violent rhetoric” think again.

  2. your link doesn’t work.

  3. That’s better. But still nothing on the left compares with this. Nice try, Michelle Malkin for false equivalency.

  4. This isn’t about creating equivalencies. It’s about the left and their hypocrisy in placing blame solely at the feet of conservatives, when in fact, if there is going to be any finger pointing, the left shares just as much responsibility for their “ugly, charged violent rhetoric.”

  5. “just as much?” That’s where the problem lies. That implies equal amount of vitriol and actual violence. There is no comparison. Sarah Palin is the Republican VP candidate. There is no comparable person on the left who has said as vitriolic of things as she has in the position of power and influence as she is in. There is no comparable Glenn Beck. There is no comparable Rush Limbaugh. There is no comparison to the depth, the ugliness, and the violence of the rhetoric of those on the right.

  6. Okay, since you’re worried about making things even, how much responsibility should the left bear?

  7. very little if any.

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