An Excellent Article on China

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This is an excellent article on the growth of China and its inexorable effects on the environment. Amazing.

China’s Soft Power

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Newsweek has a great article on the rise of China’s soft power as America continues to lose its soft power due to Bush and Cheney and their warmongering ways. The world right now really does not like us, and China is filling that void. Read the article. What do you guys think? Is China making good moves?

China Ups the Ante

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Well, China just destroyed one of its own satellites with a ground-based rocket. Impressive. Only the Soviet Union and the United States have done this, back in the 80s.

So let’s see, China is buying up our debt. China is investing in numerous places around the world, including Latin America and Africa (regardless of the political affiliations found in those various countries), and is quietly pressuring Iran to stop the fiery rhetoric. It seems China is attempting to become the next superpower, through the means which the United States did back in the 50s and 60s, through soft power, while at the same time, flexing military might to show they mean business.

What should the United States do?

1. Stop the bellicose rhetoric and action towards nations we don’t like.

2. Continue building the military relationship with China that has been going on since the 90s. Clear and constant communication between the two military groups will help avoid any catastrophe or major problem.

3. Realize that the events of the last decade under Bush have lowered our political power in the world and that we have to approach our allies and enemies differently or lose even more political capital.

4. Stop annoying Russia with talk of democracy and human rights, or we will lose them to China. We need Russia on our side, not China’s. At this point, Russia is leaning on siding with China, which is bad for the West.

5. Continue pressing China on human rights and democracy. Push them to realize that an open society is far more powerful than one with strong limitations on the population. Highlight the fact that even though America has only 300 million people, compared to China’s 1.3 billion, our wealth exceeds China’s by a thousand-fold, due mainly to America’s free society. Help China see just how powerful they could be as a free and open society with 1.3 billion people!

China is the key in the Security Council, not the United States, because China rarely takes a stand, and usually if it does, the UN goes its way. Because of its recent harangues against the UN, America’s influence there has weakened, not strengthened.

I know many Americans foresee a fight with China at some point, perhaps a second Cold War, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. Modern China is vastly different than the old Soviet Union. China is far more open as a society than the Soviet Union was. China’s economy is capitalistic, and while still very corrupt, does far better than the Soviet Union’s economy due to following capitalistic principles.

Americans need to put down their Red Scare as a thing of history. The world has changed. We’re in a new era. America has its required boogie-man in “Islamic terrorists,” and as such doesn’t need to go looking for any other enemy. There can actually be good relations with nations we do not fully understand or particularly like. I’m glad to see Chinese culture being far more accepted in American society than Russian culture was during the 20th century. This is a good sign that future relations with China will be far warmer than those with Russia in the 20th century.

Peace can happen if we but try.

South Korea and China on Sanctions: Business As Usual

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So China and South Korea will keep business as usual with North Korea, in spite of sanctions. Hmmmm, perhaps Bush should not have rushed the UN sanctions push. But methinks Bush was thinking more about the November elections than about protecting America…..

China Softens Stance on North Korea

October 12, 2006 at 5:12 pm | Posted in American politics, China, Democracy, King George, North Korea, World Events | 1 Comment

China does not want to punish North Korea, as Bush does. They believe any sanction should be made to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table. So, Mr. Hu, take the lead! Continue Reading China Softens Stance on North Korea…

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