Fox News Sucks!

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Beautiful music to the ears

and more confrontations.

Heavenly, I tell you. So nice to see conservatives take on their own creation.

You Ready For War With Iran? Our Crusade in the Middle East Has a New Target

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Are you ready America? Because it is coming. See how it is being spun by Fox News.

And be ready, because you just might be called to serve. You also might have the Pentagon proselytize you into the “Christian faith” if you are not careful. hilzoy quotes the LA Times:

“Last week, after an investigation spurred by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Pentagon abruptly announced that it would not be delivering “freedom packages” to our soldiers in Iraq, as it had originally intended.

What were the packages to contain? Not body armor or home-baked cookies. Rather, they held Bibles, proselytizing material in English and Arabic and the apocalyptic computer game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” (derived from the series of post-Rapture novels), in which “soldiers for Christ” hunt down enemies who look suspiciously like U.N. peacekeepers.

The packages were put together by a fundamentalist Christian ministry called Operation Straight Up, or OSU. Headed by former kickboxer Jonathan Spinks, OSU is an official member of the Defense Department’s “America Supports You” program. The group has staged a number of Christian-themed shows at military bases, featuring athletes, strongmen and actor-turned-evangelist Stephen Baldwin. But thanks in part to the support of the Pentagon, Operation Straight Up has now begun focusing on Iraq, where, according to its website (on pages taken down last week), it planned an entertainment tour called the “Military Crusade.”

Apparently the wonks at the Pentagon forgot that Muslims tend to bristle at the word “crusade” and thought that what the Iraq war lacked was a dose of end-times theology.”

What the hell is a “freedom package?”

Conservative FoxNews Loves Communist China

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It seems Rupert Murdoch, the conservative CEO of NewsCorp, owner of such “capitalist” stalwarts as FoxNews and New York Post loves dealing with the Communist leadership of China.

Mr. Murdoch has flattered Communist Party leaders and done business with their children. His Fox News network helped China’s leading state broadcaster develop a news Web site. He joined hands with the Communist Youth League, a power base in the ruling party, in a risky television venture, his China managers and advisers say.

Now, this is the part that I just don’t get, based on how conservatives like to portray themselves, as fighters against evil Communism:

Mr. Murdoch cooperates closely with China’s censors and state broadcasters, several people who worked for him in China say. He cultivates political ties that he hopes will insulate his business ventures from regulatory interference, these people say.

In speeches and interviews, Mr. Murdoch often supports the policies of Chinese leaders and attacks their critics. A group of China-based reporters for The Journal accused him in a letter to Dow Jones shareholders of “sacrificing journalistic integrity to satisfy personal and political aims,” a charge the News Corporation denies.

I guess making good money is a higher priority than freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to own guns, etc.

Oh and by the way, FoxNews is NOT banned in China. My blog is. Try it out, and see if your blog is banned.

FoxNews The Fair and the Balanced Propaganda Machine

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Fox News at its finest

Note the subtle and devious ways that FoxNews doesn’t report news, but tries to direct attention to what they want viewers to think. O’Brien would have been proud. I wonder if conservatives yet realize just how badly their ideology is being corrupted by this station…my guess is that they are still oblivious.

The Truth About Who Advocated a “Cut and Run” Policy in Somalia in 1993

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Glen Greenwald has done a fabulous job on his blog to showcase the real culprits of the reduction of forces in Somalia in 1993. This past Sunday, on FoxNews (the right-wing propaganda machine) Clinton defended his actions in Somalia in the face of lies and false accusations.

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Bill Clinton Rips FoxNews!

September 23, 2006 at 2:57 pm | Posted in American politics, Bill Clinton, Foxnews | 7 Comments


Bill Clinton is working hard in helping poor people around the world, raising to this point 7.3 billion dollars from various people, including from Richard Branson, who donated a whopping 3 billion dollars! So Clinton is doing good things. He is invited to Foxnews to talk about his good works, but…..well, this is Foxnews we’re talking about…..what is the first question? Think Progress has the transcript for the show to appear this Sunday. Read on….

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