On the Surge, Airstrikes, Fewer American Deaths, but More Innocent Iraqis Killed

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So the Glorious Surge is supposed to REDUCE violence and death. It has succeeded in reducing Americans killed, but not for the reasons one would think. It’s not as if our enemies have stopped fighting us. It’s actually because our military has gone against their own counterinsurgency principles and are using airstrikes to kill “bad guys” which inevitably also kill numerous civilians. But using those airstrikes ensures fewer Americans killed.

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General Petraeus Gets Political

October 8, 2007 at 4:26 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, General Petraeus, Iraq | Leave a comment

No surprise of course but the good general continues to delves into politics instead of sticking to fixing Iraq.

The accusation was made by Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American military commander, who made the remarks to CNN while he was traveling with a small group of reporters to a military base on the Iranian border. He said, “We have absolute assurance” that a number of Iranians detained by the Americans in Iraq were members of the Quds Force.

“The Quds Force controls the policy for Iraq; there should be no confusion about that either,” General Petraeus said. “The ambassador is a Quds Force member. Now he has diplomatic immunity and therefore he is obviously not subject — and he is acting as a diplomat.

General Petraeus did not provide details on how he knew that the ambassador, Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, who has held talks with the American ambassador, Ryan C. Crocker, belonged to the Quds Force. Iranian Embassy officials could not be reached Sunday night to comment on the general’s assertions.

Absolute assurance? i.e. General Petraeus has no actual evidence so he has to play up the bamboozlement to its utmost extreme.

Note how he accuses a diplomat of being, essentially, a terrorist. What a way to slowly break down the held norms. I’m sure conservatives are going to start asking, “Why do we give immunity to a terrorist? Who gives a damn if he is a diplomat.” Way to go General. Sure will make your tenure as President in 2012 pretty damn hard if you consider diplomats terrorists. Keep this in mind, everybody, when Petraeus makes his run for president in 2012.

Finally, note the most significant part, General Petraeus did NOT provide any details for quite an incendiary charge. Why make the charge then? What audience is General Petraeus directing his bile to? Why the Republican base, of course. The rest of the world has already concluded General Petraeus is no different than his boss, George Bush, a liar and bamboozler, who would rather increase the violence in the Middle East than create a land of peace. Yes, I am calling General Petraeus a liar. Generally speaking, when you purposefully deceive and distort, you are a liar, because you are not doing your best to pass along the truth.

In a normal situation, General Petraeus should be fired from his job, but unfortunately, he is EXACTLY the person George W. Bush wants over Iraq right now. So sad.

UPDATED: Via Informed Comment, forewarned is forearmed:

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