Glenn Beck on KSM and Jimmy Carter

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BECK: You know Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has confessed to 9-11 and trying to kill President Carter. Why would you try to kill President Carter? He’s on your side, for the love of Pete.

Those are Glenn Beck’s thoughts about KSM and his boast that he was going too assassinate Carter. You can just smell the disappointment in Beck’s words that KSM didn’t manage to go through this plot. When this bit of news came out, conservative bloggers were also disappointed that KSM didn’t go through with this plot.

Instead of realizing that these terrorists don’t really care which Americans they kill, and as such, are not aligned with any Americans, especially not a former president, people like Glenn Beck continue pressing the vitriolic and of course incorrect point that terrorists and liberals are fighting on the same side. How childish. As Glenn Greenwald states:

Revelations that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed planned assassination plots against former Presidents Carter and Clinton — especially Carter — are causing great confusion among right-wing Civilization Warriors. After all, as John Hinderaker previously pointed out: “Jimmy Carter isn’t just misguided or ill-informed. He’s on the other side.”

Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air expressed this confusion: “[Mohammed] confessed to 29 plots in all, including the Richard Reid shoebomb plot and planned assassinations of the pope and . . . Jimmy Carter?” These extremists come to believe their twisted rhetoric that Democrats are on the side of Al Qaeda and so they literally can’t understand why Mohammed would want to assassinate his own allies like President Carter.

Finally Some American Realism!

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This is the second time I recommend an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show, but he’s getting people on there who are unafraid to tell it how it is. This time, he has Retired General William Odom who said it like it is and smacks Mr. Hewitt’s attempts to smear him back to the stone age. I’m glad to see some smart talk finding its way again on the conservative side. It’s been a while. Perhaps someday soon conservatives will realize the poison they’ve been drinking at the well of neo-conservatism.

After the bump, I’ve got some of the better sections of the interview. Upon reading these quotes, note that you are reading the words of a man who is not afraid. Note the use of fearmongering in Mr. Hewitt’s questions. Instead of following the bait, General Odom paints the clear picture of reality. Continue Reading Finally Some American Realism!…

Blair’s Alliance of the Good

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Tony Blair. Seeing his legacy in shambles, tied to Iraq and George Bush, is nobly trying to get away from the fact that he sold the WMDs and the threat far more ably and intellectually than Bush could ever have done. He is cruising the Middle East right now, calling for an alliance against evil, those dastardly Iranians. Of course, he does not speak in such brutish terms, as we in America are accustomed to from our right-wing compatriots, but thus is his desire. Continue Reading Blair’s Alliance of the Good…

Convert or Die

December 12, 2006 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Christianity, Islam, Muslim, War | 5 Comments

That’s the premise of the new video game, Left Behind, based on the popular but terribly written Christian books. So is it okay to create a game where players take either the side of Christians or the side of Satanists, and go around “converting” people? Not only that but they go around with guns in their hands converting people…isn’t that…er…what extremist Muslims want to do? Isn’t their supposed goal the forcible conversion of the world to Islam?

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