Life in Romania Under Ceausescu

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I know I said I would take a break from politics, but this post is not really about politics, but to share with you a post I wrote on my family history blog. I had a conversation with an adjunct professor last week about life in Romania under Ceausescu’s dictatorial regime. He had said that life must have been really hard. I thought about it and, at least for me, as a child, life was normal. When you see things a certain way for all your life, that tends to be the norm.

So in any case, I wrote this post with pictures of life in Romania in the 1970s. These are family pictures. Please take a look, and comment if you wish.



Romania, You Broke My Heart

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Romania, land of my birth, you broke my heart. You made a deal with the devil and let the Bush administration torture people in black prisons on your soil. I can’t blame you, as you are at this point a weak nation, with hardly the bargaining power of a Germany or an Italy, to deny such demands from such a powerful monster as the United States of America. You need the economic rewards. They are vital to your growth. However, your deal is with the devil, and it seems the devil will come knocking now at your door for payment. And as any deal with the devil ends up being, the devil will not support you in the end. You broke my heart. America will not do you any favors now. And you may end up losing all you’ve gained in joining the European Union and NATO. Such a shame. I hope it was a worthwhile fix, that the drug was worth the cost, because the dealer is not the one who will be caught, but rather the dope. Such a shame.

Sealed at the Palmyra Temple

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Hey everybody,

Over at our family history blog I’ve written a new post about our most recent trip to the Palmyra temple, where we celebrated the sealing of Jess—Jaime’s sister—and Joe and their two lovely children. Please read it. I also wrote about who Jaime and I sealed, someone close to my heart, sealing him to his wife.

Celebrating One Year of Political Blogging

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One year ago, I wrote my first post on my blog. Back then it was called RHMD’s Thoughts on Politics. This was my first post: Continue Reading Celebrating One Year of Political Blogging…

Photo Caption Contest – Non-political

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Yes, I actually will talk about other things besides politics here. 🙂

So I was scrummaging through old family photos when I came across this photo, and I chuckled. I don’t know who these people are, but they’re related to me in some way. They are from Romania, and it looks from the picture that they are from the small village where my grandparents on my mom’s side lived. So, a photo caption contest. What do you think they are thinking?

Love Eternal

Jos Mafia! Sus Patria!

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I wrote the following for my Comparative Politics class at BYU. Our topic was nationalism. I had the opportunity to watch the Romanian election process take place in October and November of 2000 and was amazed that this man, Corneliu Vadim Tudor received such popularity from so many Romanians. I subsequently wrote this paper on his run for president. As this brief Wikipedia article notes, he has changed his tune, and become more moderate of late, including no longer denying a Holocaust took place in Romania during WWII. In any case, here is my paper:

Continue Reading Jos Mafia! Sus Patria!…

European Expansion – Welcome to Romania!

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Romania is now officially a member of the European Union, and as a Romanian, all I can say is this is one the best things I’ve heard about around the world in a while. While far from perfect, Europe’s attempt at unifying the various countries into one federation has been marvelous. I’m glad to see Europeans unifying so much. On my last trip to Europe, I met Italians in Norway, a Greek girl who lives in Amsterdam, and an American who lives in Munich, among many others. How wonderful. I don’t discount the problems that Europe still has to deal with, corruption, the influx of Muslims and the hard time Muslims and Europeans have at getting along, etc.

So, good work Romania. You’ve worked hard for this. Celebrate well. But don’t let your guard down.

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