On Nationalism

This page is for reference and information on Nationalism. I believe nationalism is a growing concern towards peace in the world, a fairly new phenomenon. I am going to link here to various articles and books that I feel will help us get a better understanding of nationalism. I hope to locate papers that deal with nationalism here in America. I think many Americans’ patriotic leanings get ultra-nationalistic. An example was Virgil Goode’s recent rampage about Keith Ellison using the Qu’ran to be sworn in as a Congressman, when the Constitution clearly stipulates there shall be no religious test for any Congressman or individual seeking political office.


George Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism

For my senior thesis at BYU, I wrote about nationalism in Romania. In the 2000 election, an ultra-nationalist named Corneliu Vadim Tudor took second place in an election of 13 candidates and forced a runoff, sending palpitations in everybody’s hearts. He lost in the runoff against Ion Illiescu. The following is a link to my paper on this election:

Jos Mafia! Sus Patria!


Nations and Nationalism

Nationalism and Ethnic Politics


Nationalism, as defined in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Nationalism Info at Fordham University

The Nationalism Project

Here are several books highly recommended on nationalism.

Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson

Faces of Nationalism by Tom Nairn

Broken Bonds: Yugoslavia’s Disintegration and Balkan Politics in Transition by Lenard Cohen

Nations and Nationalism by Ernest Geller

Nationalism by John Hutchinson

Nations and Nationalism since 1780 by E. J. Hobsbawm


America, Right or Wrong


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  2. One should never forget George Orwell’s essay on Nationalism at


  3. Ricecar,

    Thank you for sharing that. I had forgotten about that source. It is now added to the list.

  4. There was a very nice article on Nationalism by Bertrand Russel in his Fact and Fiction.
    You could have a look.

  5. Manas,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll take a look at it.

  6. You sould read Noam Chomsky’s book, ‘Hegemony or Survival’. It’s right up your alley.

  7. Thanks for sharing that.

  8. *100% agrees with knighthospitaller


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