Who is Glenn Beck

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That’s Glenn Beck.

Is Glenn Beck Fulfilling Prophecy?

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He portrays himself in such Messianic terms

“Every great achievement in human history has started with one person. One crazy idea….when confronted by the oppression of fear and conventional wisdom, the bravest always charted a new course to a new world”

Very brave new world-ish there…and of course he preaches scriptures mingled with the philosophies of men, perverting the true meaning of faith, hope, and charity. He urges his viewers to leave their churches including those of his own church. And of course, he sells himself above all else in everything he does. The Glenn Beck brand. One has to wonder, is Glenn Beck the prophesied anti-Christ?

The Real Power Behind Libertarianism is Corporatism and Billionaires

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Not that it is surprising, of course. But it sure is a damn shame that so many “little guys” actually believe libertarianism represents them and their “freedom.”

Quote of the Day – Joseph Smith

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“The Saints can testify whether I am willing to lay down my life for my brethren. If it has been demonstrated that I have been willing to die for a “Mormon,” I am bold to declare before heaven that I am just as ready to die in defending the rights of a Presbyterian, a Baptist, or a good man of any other denomination; for the same principle which would trample upon the rights of the Latter-day Saints would trample upon the rights of the Roman Catholics, or any other denomination who may be unpopular and too weak to defend themselves.” (HC 5:498.)

The Tea Party Is Not A Grass Roots Party, But Fashioned By Republicans

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Don’t let them fool you. The Tea Party is run and organized by Republicans who realize that their brand name has been self-destroyed and they must change.

FreedomWorks was founded in 1984 as Citizens for a Sound Economy, which was financed by the Koch Foundation, the underwriter for many libertarian causes. In 2003, it hired as its chairman Dick Armey, the former Texas congressman and House majority leader who was a force behind the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress.

There is nothing new here. There is nothing different than what we’ve seen in the past. Just doubling down on the stupid.

Its candidates are libertarians and economic conservatives, but in the 2010 midterm elections, FreedomWorks is urging Tea Party groups to work for any Republican, on the theory that a compromised Republican is better than Democratic control of Congress.

See, nothing new.

American Christian and Republican Leaders Hate The United States Constitution

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That’s the only explanation for this shit.

Bryan Fischer, the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the American Family Association, wrote a blog post yesterday on the AFA’s site arguing that the United States should have “no more mosques, period.”

“This is for one simple reason,” he writes. “Each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.”

Fischer, who is scheduled to speak at the Value Voters Summit in September alongside Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, and a host of other Republican politicians, writes that every mosque “is a potential jihadist recruitment and training center, and determined to implement the ‘Grand Jihad.'” He adds that “because of this subversive ideology, Muslims cannot claim religious freedom protections under the First Amendment. They are currently using First Amendment freedoms to make plans to destroy the First Amendment altogether.”

They hate the US Constitution. They hate the First Amendment. They hate freedom for all. They love freedom for themselves but not for anyone else. We’re nowhere near the end of this madness. We have this for the foreseeable future.

End the Death Penalty

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More and more stories like this keep popping up. As long as the defendant is not able to be given proper counsel in order to defend himself or herself, the ending punishment ought never to be the death penalty. End it now.

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