Beautiful Tehran

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Some beautiful pictures. It looks like a really nice town and generally good people, much like anywhere else in the world.

Conservatives Are Stupid…Yes, They’re Still At It

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Via Yglesias

“Perhaps people who are busy gushing over the Obama cult today might do well to stop and think about what it would mean for their granddaughters to live under sharia law.”

CIA Off the Mark on Iran’s Election

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Really? The CIA? Off the mark? Not getting it right? No freaking way. Not America’s intelligence agency. No way they would get it wrong…

President Obama’s cautious response to election results in Iran may be partly explained by the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies were off the mark in assessments they gave the White House and lawmakers. Five officials familiar with intel reporting and analysis, who asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive material, say most experts at the CIA and other intel agencies initially believed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won reelection solidly—and that if there was fraud, it was at the margins.

The agencies were caught off guard by the Iranian authorities’ maladroit handling of election results (an overwhelming Ahmadinejad victory was announced only hours after the polls closed) and by what came next. “Lots of people were surprised by the outbreak of protests,” says one of the officials. Even after the street erupted, some U.S. experts still maintained that Ahmadinejad won big and that the protests would run their course more quickly than they did. “We were slow on the uptake,” Pete Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, tells NEWSWEEK. “I think we’re still behind the curve.” Still, one U.S. intel official insists: “The speed with which the Iranians announced the results, and the margin they gave Ahmadinejad, were signs there would be trouble. They weren’t missed.”

Maybe I need to go work for the CIA because I’m sure I could do a far better job at explaining what’s going on in Iran from my comfortable seat here at home than these analysts the CIA employ. I mean, com’on guys, don’t you guys read up the literature on nationalism and revolutions? It’s right there. It’s been analyzed before. It’s not surprising at all.

Deficit Spending in Times of Economic Trouble

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Andrew Sullivan links to a graph which shows the level of debt over the decades:

The point he is trying to make is that we should look out for the debt we are incurring. A couple of things stand out.

1. The debt created during the Great Depression wasn’t so large when you look at debt in this fashion, and if we needed a stimulus injection as big as World War II’s mobilization, then we’re fairly on track right now with the debt we are incurring to create a stimulus, or to maintain economic output.

2. A lot of debt during the 80s and 90s wasn’t really necessary, at least not on the level they were.

3. I’d love to see a graph showing a comparison of debt to the level of taxation to the level of expenses. See, tax levels in the 1950s were generally quite high. And interestingly, business thrived, debt was paid down, and our country did well. Right now we’re complaining about taxation that is quite low in comparison, particularly for the filthy rich. And we’re drowning in debt. Something is not right.

The Unhinged Stupidity of Conservatives

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It will only deepen further and further

US to Get Involved in Somalia…Again

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Anyone think this will end up better than our previous endeavors in Somalia?

Glenn Beck Plays With Barbie Dolls

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He’s insane

Mark Sanford Went To Argentina

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Who the hell goes to Argentina without telling anyone? What governor leaves the country without telling his state? What was he doing in Argentina? Why Argentina and not Morocco or Aruba or South Africa? Why Argentina?

Why would you go to Argentina WITHOUT your family on FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND!!!

What Could Have Been – McCain Jokes About Killing Iranians

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Thank God he was not elected last November.

Romanians Flee Northern Ireland

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What the hell is going on in Northern Ireland that Romanians who come to work there have to flee violence? What, did they get tired of being at peace with each other and have to go around picking fights with others?

Another Example of Where Private Insurance on its own is Insufficient

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Yet another example. An elderly woman is rejected by private insurance because she has diabetes.

Conservatives Continue To Wallow In Utter Stupidity

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Be forewarned before you read this, you might lose some brain cells.

Republicans Are Destroying California

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They prefer to get into more debt instead of raising taxes to fix their budget woes. Meanwhile, California’s credit rating will soon be rated junk status. This is the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Who the Hell Cares What Republicans Have to Say?

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They are calling Obama timid on Iran. Could they be anymore stupid?

Why the Washington Post Continues Its Slide Into Irrelevancy

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Obama’s War? Really? It’s not America’s war? It’s not George Bush’s war? After all, he fought it for seven years, and Obama has fought it for only five months!

US Military To Reduce Airstrikes in Afghanistan

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A step in the right direction for the US military in Afghanistan. Protect the civilians. Win their hearts, and you win the war.

Looks Like America Will Never Have A Good Health Care System

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Even when Democrats have 59 seats in the Senate, they still cower to the wills of the rich health insurance lobby. Cowards. As such, Americans will continue having crappy health care, continue having inordinate expenses, when we simply don’t need to have this happen.

What Could Have Been

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Be ever thankful that this man did NOT become president of the United States.

The Iranian Revolution is Dead

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Take a look for yourself. Mind you some of that is very graphic.

Let me just be clear by what I mean “the Iranian Revolution is dead.” I mean the one started in 1979. This election fraud ensured their wipeout.

Fox News Misspells Again

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Give it up for Fox News, misspelling once again. The Navy ought to sue.

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